Apple Branded TV Coming Soon

Apple TV set

For many years now, Apple has been rumored to be creating it’s own Apple branded TV. It’s not that big of a stretch if you think about it. Apple has made attempts to take over the living room; what better way to do that but to make their own TV? Apple TV was one of their attempts- now with AirPlay integration, it gets them even closer. What if Apple released a TV set that included both AirPlay and Apple TV integration into the set itself? Apple does understand that not everyone wants to purchase a set top box but would like that service provided with the TV or service for free. With an Apple branded TV, those features could be built right in. The Apple TV would also have access to all of the content that iOS devices already have access to and more. This begs the question, what company would manufacture this TV? I would think that a deal with Samsung would be a good move simply because Apple already uses their displays in devices. Would you buy an Apple brand TV? Let us know what you think below.

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