Microsoft Embraces The Hacking Community

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ChevronWP7 made headlines last fall by giving Windows Phone 7 owners the opportunity to load applications from Windows onto Windows Phone 7 phones. Previously only approved apps could be downloaded, and if one wanted to create an app, a license and developer status had to be obtained from Microsoft.

At the time Microsoft didn’t release an opinion on the matter, possibly because ChevronWP7 wasn’t widely adopted, and there weren’t many phones running Windows Phone 7 OS to begin with. And in the months since, we’d heard very little.

However, on Friday the Chevron team wrote a blog post stating, “we will soon be launching an approved Windows Phone unlocking service”. Keyword being approved. This doesn’t surprise me after the lenient, and even encouraging, attitude Microsoft has taken towards the jailbreaks of Kinect we’ve seen over the past 6 months. It’s exactly the opposite attitude Sony took towards PS3 hackers, which caused a lot of their problems. One lesson electronics companies should never forget …. never declare war on the hackers.

Unfortunately this version of the unlocking tool ” will require a small fee … to offset costs”, but we can always hope that it won’t be too expensive.

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