iPad 3 Details Leaked

Details of the upcoming iPad 3 have been leaked onto the internet today. The next version of the Apple iPad is now said to have 6 times the current iPad 2’s resolution bringing it up to a stunning 2560×1920.

A new release date indicates that the iPad 3 would also launch in the fourth quarter of this year 2011 and not March 2012. A release of another iPad this year seems very unlikely in my opinion, however it could be possible that Apple might want to head off other competing Android tablets coming into the market. The new iPad has also been said to have 3D capabilities for viewing movies and Apps, this move has caused movie publishers to scramble to get content to the next iPad.

All of these new details have been of’course leaked out of the Taiwan manufacturers who claim to be working on the new iPad 3. What do you think? Will the iPad 3 come out this year or is it just wishful thinking? Comment below.

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  • Snyder Guy

    Seriously sounds like the standard rumors coming from “Taiwan” to me. Hogwash. And the pic looks like something I saw in MacLife two months ago or something.

  • Eric Felder

    I’m pretty skeptical…the source article is already gone…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see Apple designing and releasing 3 versions of the iPad in a year and a half. Especially given their delay in releasing the iPhone 5, the first delay that the iPhone’s yearly release schedule has had, as far as I know.

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  • Edward De Jong

    Absolute nonsense. First as a long time apple programmer, their current architecture is set up for automatic screen doubling. so if the ipad 3 was to increase resolution there is only one possible choice, and that is double which would take 1024 x 768 up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is already above the ability of the eye. Anything beyond 300 dpi is pointless, you can’t see it, and it just costs battery life. 

    Also, Apple has just recently gotten their production caught up on the ipad2, they are not going to introduce a replacement model so quickly. 

    Thirdly, Apple will take a very long time to get the 3rd version out; it will require immense testing, and the ability of the manufacturers to produce 30 million of them has to be guaranteed, and it is not clear that the screens will be available in quantity until mid next year. I don’t think people realize that it takes 12-14 months to get an order of this magnitude filled, and you can’t order until you have made a decision on exactly which screen technology to use. Apple is probably still testing, and hasn’t decided. We are way off from the ipad 3.

  • russt7500

    No they are full of it. There is no way Apple would let them use the whole tablet as a screen….

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