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Since receiving my iPad 2, it has been my constant companion. I take it everywhere with me, visiting friends and family, grocery shopping, and even exercising. Therefore, it only made sense to look for a way to use it as a daily planner. The built-in Evernote app is a great way to take notes, and even record audio or take images of the information you are trying to store, but without a built in calendar it isn’t well suited to the task of saving dates and reminding you of when your next meeting is. The logical answer for me, then, was to find an app that did so.

In searching for a “daily planner” I found a multitude of apps, both paid and free, that would serve the purposes of either being an agenda or a to-do list, but not many that combined those two things. Daily Notes not only offers both of these, but also the ability to add as many tabs as you like into your “notebook”. You can also choose to require a password that must be entered before the app starts up. Since I plan to use a portion of the app as a journal, this is a nice feature. Not just anyone playing with your iPad can see the notes you have written.

daily notesUpon opening the app, you are greeted with a user’s manual. It numbers every feature on the agenda and has a corresponding explanation for that function. Since I am an artist and therefore a visual learner, I found this very helpful in learning how to navigate the functions of the app. Still, with all of the features available it took some time to learn how to do everything that I wanted to be able to do.

The interface of the app is like a virtual agenda/planner. You can even customize the “leather binding” color to your taste. Across the top of the app are small tabs for the months, dates, and days of the year. Swiping across these allows you to navigate from year to year. Small dots beneath dates denote that there is an entry for that day. On the left hand side of the screen, which is hidden from view when in vertical mode, is a calendar view. Similar to the month/date/day layout, dates that are filled in indicate a note for that day. In the upper right corner is a gear icon for adjusting settings, and down the right hand side of the screen are tabs, which you can add and customize at will. At the bottom of each note there are icons that allow you to E-mail your note, add tags to it, navigate through the pages of it, add photos to it, or search it. Search is a very welcome tool when you have a long note on one day but on that same day you also need to find the grocery list you typed out.

daily notes

It is evident that a lot of thought went into this app, as it is very user friendly and versatile. The developers even customized the on-screen touch keyboard and added a “tab” button and a button that allows you to add bullets to lists. You can customize the type of font you are using, it’s size, and even it’s color. This setting can be changed on each tab to use custom settings on each of them. Say you’d like your journal entries to be in a whimsical comic sans that also happens to be blue, and your college lecture class notes to be in classic times and plain black. It’s easily done.

My conclusion- Daily Notes is just what I was looking for in an app to transform my iPad into a versatile notepad and daily planner. If you have a dropbox account, it can also be synced and backed up online in addition to when it is backed up while syncing to your computer. It is like a journal/to-do list that you can’t ever really lose, and if you are like me, taking your iPad everywhere you go, you won’t need to scramble for pen and paper ever again. Just start up your Daily Notes and start typing. It doesn’t matter how long or short the snippet of information is, it will be stored and can be searched for when you get to wondering, “Hey, which note did I add mom’s pecan cake recipe to?” Overall, I give this app 4.5 out of 5 gears. The learning curve is a little steep at first simply because of the surplus of features, but once all them have been explored, it can easily be adjusted to.
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