Microsoft may bring 3D to the Xbox 360

3d xbox

Rumors are flying around that Microsoft may actually be working on 3D for the current Xbox 360. With the immense growth of 3D in the movie industry and new 3D televisions being released it was only inevitable that a full blown console would jump onto the bandwagon.

3d tweet

The only implementation of 3D in games at this time is currently Nintendo’s 3DS handheld which isn’t currently meeting sales goals for Nintendo. A Tweet which appeared back in May indicated that Microsoft was actually going to release a 3D console at E3 this year, but that didn’t actually happen. What makes this even more crazy is that Microsoft tweeted this question: “What do you think of a 3D console.” I couldn’t tell you whether Microsoft may be creating a new console or making 3D games, however it is certainly possible and we may see it in the near future.

Image credit: Kotaku

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