Apple: Gimme Back My iPads!

no ipad for you

While not yet being plagued with the type of massive recalls Toyota has faced the past few years, Apple is taking the first step in that direction, possible because of its rush to release the iPad 2 before any competitors last spring. Last week rumors began flying around the internet of an iPad 2 recall, limited in nature to the Verizon 3G models. 9to5mac investigated and asked for comments, and the amount personal accounts received lent credit to the rumor. And on Friday, an Apple spokesperson released a confirmation.

Duplicate MEID codes were flashed onto an extremely small number of iPad units for the Verizon 3G network,” an Apple spokeswoman said but declined to say how many units were impacted by the issue.

This is a surprising turn of events for Apple, which prides itself on being flawless and simple. Users don’t have to mess around with complicated settings and installation, because Apple nearly everything already. Granted, by the fact that if things DO go wrong, the solutions are much more difficult. This only matters when things go wrong, and Apple is usually quite good about seeing to it that nothing does. But no one is perfect and it seems they’ve finally dropped the ball on this one.

Luckily it’s a small issue, and because Apple cares so much about its image, I have no doubts about the length it will go (in this very visible case) to keep its customers happy. It will just have to hope that this doesn’t help sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, recently released.

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