A New Milestone for, The Million Mark

I started TekGoblin as an iPhone app review site back in October of 2009. It wasn’t much, but it was my baby, originally called TekGoblin Reviews.

The website has grown to much more than just iPhone apps in the past year and a half. TekGoblin now includes technology news concerning almost everything from Gadgets to Android and Apple. We try to review anything we can get our hands on. We just love new toys!

You notice I mentioned “We?” Yep, I am not the only person that writes on TekGoblin anymore! We have a bunch of contributors on the site, as well as some editors helping out. I am always looking for talented, self-motivated people who are passionate about technology and gaming to write, so drop us a line if you are interested.

Today we hit 1 Million hits which is a very large milestone for TekGoblin and a large step but hopefully not the last. Lets celebrate!

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I was a Computer and Information Technology student at Purdue University. I have always wanted my own website and have been fascinated with technology my entire life. So here I am, what's next?