Logitech ZAGG iPad Keyboard Review

Logitech Zagg

The Logitech/Zagg iPad keyboard is a pleasure to use. It is wonderful in its diversity. It functions both as a case for your iPad and then props it up for use as a keyboard when paired via BlueTooth. No worries about the inside of the case scratching the edges of your precious iPad, either. It’s padded to protect and facilitate a snug fit. It takes a moment to get used to the difference in scale between a regular notebook/laptop keyboard, but this seems to be the only drawback to the device.

When you first use it, simply make sure that your iPad’s BlueTooth is set to “Discoverable” and then flip the power switch on the keyboard, and then hit the “connect” button below it. You will see a message pop up on the screen of your iPad and it will ask you to type in a four digit code on the keyboard and hit enter. After that your work is done. Simply set up the prop that is situated on the top end of the keyboard and settle your iPad into the groove and begin to type. Is your keyboard battery getting low? Not to worry! No batteries to replace here, just connect the included USB cord to your power source of choice and recharge it.

Logitech Zagg

In Conclusion:

The keyboard functions beautifully and is easy for even novices to connect. You can use your iPad with it situated either horizontally or vertically and after taking just a few minutes to adjust to the scale of the keys, you can type quickly and easily. When you’re done typing, flip the prop down and click your iPad into place screen down and suddenly you have a portable keyboard that is also protecting the screen and sides of your iPad. Very nicely designed and well thought-out. The thought that was put into it’s design is clear right down to the fact that there is no cumbersome battery to replace. Charging via USB is quick, convenient and easy. Overall, I would give this product four out of five gears. The only difficulty with it is getting the iPad back out of the keyboard. It works best if you flip it over to the end with the dock and pry it out that way.

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