E3 Brings Pleasant News About 3DS


New details were announced for what Nintendo has in store for the 3DS. Some franchises that we have come to know and love over the years are now going to be available to us in 3D. Video clips were shown of Super Mario Kart, Star Fox, Super Mario Brothers, Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion.

Mario Kart is a title that we have enjoyed for years but Nintendo promises that this will be a whole new tricked out version that we have never driven before. The graphics were nice, and it looked like the 3D integration will be utilized well. The ink attack that Mario Kart players are familiar with appeared to splat against the screen and I’m sure that on the screen of the 3DS it will look like it is flying at you before it hits. Due out this Holiday Season.
When playing earlier versions of Star Fox, people said that they felt like they were flying in 3D already. Imagine what the 3DS can do to really bring the game to that level, where you actually are flying in 3D. You can use the control pad to turn, or you can move the system itself to navigate. Something fun has also been added to group play. The faces and voices of your fellow pilots will be real. The cameras and microphone of the 3DS will record the reactions of those you are competing against whether it is the cry of anguish as they fall behind you or the screech of victory as they leave you in their dust.


Mario is indeed coming to 3D. While it’s true that tens of millions have run Mario through “3D” on the Wii console already, Nintendo is telling gamers that they think they’ll agree once it incorporates full 3D it creates quite a tale. The visuals for this demo were beautiful, refined and smooth. It looked like Super Mario Galaxy graphics, and long-time players will be thrilled to see that the Tanuki suit is back!

Kid Icarus is returning. The graphics for it are quite nice but did not appear as nice as the advertised Mario. The combat looks simplified and seamless. They showed a clip of AR cards being placed on the table, and Kid Icarus battling Medusa. Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, confirmed the detail that there will be new AR cards released with Kid Icarus and some of the combat within the game will be controlled using the AR cards.

Luigis Mansion 2

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be released for 3DS. The graphics for this game made it look like it was on the Wii. Fils-Aime confirmed that this isn’t just a simple revision of Luigi’s Mansion, this is an entirely new game making extraordinary use of 3D in not just one but several mansions.

He also mentioned a wide range of third party developers were already hard at work around the world when the 3DS was in development. Confirmed are:

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Mario and Sonic at London 2012 Olympics

Tetris Online

Cave Story 3D

Resident Evil Revelations

Driver Renegade

Pac Man and Galaga Dimensions

Tekken 3D

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Fils-Aime said that the library games coming for 3DS is unprecedented. There is a system update that was released this week and it opened the 3DS shop and added the Internet Browser. It is also the key to viewing virtual game trailers in 3D graphics. Items being made available are classic portable games starting with GameBoy and GameBoy Color, as well as classic console titles, revisioned in 3D. Available right now as an example of how easily classic console games can be translated to a downloadable 3DS is “3D Classics: Excite Bike”. Also available is a Pokedex. It starts with 16 Pokemon and you can gain entries for the rest of them via methods like Spot Pass, and connecting with friends. The Pokemon in the Pokedex will have an AR Marker that allows you to super impose the 3D Pokemon in your real environment. Also downloadable right now, and complimentary, too!

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