Nintendo Reports Server Attack Did Not Compromise Data

Nintendo ToyodaKen Toyoda has spoken about the Nintendo servers having been attacked. User’s information was not compromised, nor was any of Nintendo’s own information.

In this recent intrusion, hackers gained access to the server at a Nintendo subsidiary. Further than that, the hackers did not appear to have any success. Toyoda is quoted as saying “There were no victims among the third parties involved. However, it is a fact that there was something of a cyber intrusion attack.”

Rumors were running amok during the recent PSN security breach. At first, the hacker group “Anonymous” was thought to be responsible. Speculation later shifted to a group called “LulzSec” which is shortened from Lulz Security, which refers, of course, to the confidence of the hackers. The title shows that they have a lot of confidence in themselves, implying they can laugh at security. If they were indeed responsible for the PSN crash, then that title is rightly earned. But now they have come under investigation for the Nintendo server access as well.

If these allegations are true, that LulzSec were behind both attacks on Sony and Nintendo, it shows that Nintendo user information is better protected. If they had similar security measures, the same group that took out PSN for over a month should have been able to do more than just reach the server without any data being accessed or compromised.

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