Microsoft leaks Xbox E3 secrets early

Xbox Site Leak

A new Halo, New Look, and Voice Search are some of the new features that leaked onto earlier today and have since been removed.

Microsoft is planning an announcement of an upcoming Halo 4 title as well as Voice search on the Xbox 360, and an all new look to the Xbox dashboard.  Halo 4 or whatever number they will call it is slated as “The epic game that launched a universe, remastered for a new generation” so are they going to re-create Halo 1? Were not sure but we hope its good. Voice search is also coming to the Xbox, not sure how it will be integrated into the dashboard but we will find out today at the keynote. A couple new Kinect titles will also be announced including Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports Season 2, and Kinect Star Wars. This year we will find deeper Kinect integration than in the past with the Xbox Live service and the Xbox 360 console. Stay tuned for more E3 news.

Read: Microsoft-News via Engadget

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