Fable: The Journey Announced as Kinect Title

fable journey

At E3 today, LionHead Studios’ Peter Molyneux revealed the next Fable, titled Fable: The Journey as a Kinect title. They played a demo onscreen, showing the person controlling the game. He was able to control the view by moving his head, cast spells using his hands, and in a carriage chase scene control the reins on the horses separately in each hand.

A quote from the game’s voice over intro: “When heroes are no longer born they must be made. Albion’s end is coming, all that matters now is the journey.” indicating that this is unlike other Fable games in that it is no longer about trying to build, destroy, save or defend an empire. The graphics looked even more refined than those of Fable 3, so Fable fans should be even more excited about this title. But in stating that Albion’s end is coming, does that also mean that this will be the last Fable?

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