Microsoft to debut TV service at E3

Sky Sports Xbox

Looks like the rumors may have been true about Microsoft looking to launch their own TV service which will take on competitors like Netflix. The service has been codenamed Orapa and may be officially named something like Xbox Live Diamond Subscription.

Microsoft has been actually looking to launch their own “virtual cable operator” in which content would be delivered through the Xbox for a monthly fee. A similar service is offered in the UK called Sky which users can use their Avatars while watching sporting events. A Diamond subscription would of’course give Xbox users complete gold access as well as the TV subscription service. The service would most likely launch only in the US and would have content from major cable companies like Comcast and their Xfinity services.

Xbox Live Diamond Card

Microsoft already had a Diamond service in the form of a discount card in the past which was discontinued. It is believed that the Diamond service’s code name was based on a small city found in the Central District of Botswana called Orapa. The city of Orapa contains one of the biggest Diamond mines in the world. So it comes to fit that Microsoft wants to launch one of the biggest TV services on consoles and calls it the Xbox Live Diamond Subscription.

Stay tuned for this weeks E3 announcements from Microsoft.

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