Sprint trying to block T-Mobile AT&T deal

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The T-Mobile AT&T merger has been in the works for a little while now and Sprint has just officially filed to block the deal from being approved. Sprint specifically stated that the deal would create a duopoly in the US Wireless market and would cause AT&T stocks to rise to 44% from a previous 32%. Sprint even went as far as saying “The proposed transaction would produce no tangible public interest benefits and would impose serious anti-competitive harms that cannot be remedied through divestitures or conditions,” to the FCC today.

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Sprint believes that AT&T simply has not spent enough money or time to upgrade it’s current network and is looking for an easy way out. AT&T argued that they have exhausted their wireless spectrum and need T-Mobile’s to create a faster more robust network. Sprint also argues that users on the new network will have to pay more for services than previously even though AT&T claimed specifically AT&T Executive Randall Stephenson that they will not rise. Sprint seems a little worried if we must say, well it is all in the FCC’s hands now and us consumers will just have to wait for a final decision.

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