PlayStation Network returns to Asia tomorrow


If you’re stuck without access to the PlayStation Network and you live in Asia I’ve got some good news for you. Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan will start to see PlayStation Network service restore as early as tomorrow. The Japanese government had originally blocked Sony from bringing their network back online in Japan, things are brightening up. The services that will be restored will be Online Gaming, and Chat, the rest of the services will resume shortly thereafter.

This entire ordeal with the PlayStation Network hack has been a PR nightmare for Sony. Sony has however tried to make amends by offering users on the PlayStation Network free identity theft protection. Users that sign up for the protection will be covered against attack for a period of 1 year.

Sony has also offered Welcome Back packages which offered gamers free games, extensions to their subscription, and free movie streaming. Sony has also been estimated to have lost $173 billion in repairing the damages to its network and name. Lets see if the entire network will be up and running again without loss of service. I don’t want to see any more bad news on Sony this year.

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