14 Year Old Call of Duty Hacker Hired by Microsoft

COD Hacker

These are the kinds of things dreams are made of, a 14 year old hacker on Call of Duty was just recruited by Microsoft. You heard me right, Microsoft.

It seems now days that instead of going to college, one can just hack into a website or service and get recruited by some big name company like Microsoft. The 14 year old from Dublin, Ireland had broken into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 servers last month and started a phishing scam to get user information. Microsoft had initially thought the attack was a part of the same attack against the PlayStation Network and issued an alert. Word of the collaboration between Microsoft and the 14 year old came straight from Microsoft:

Paul Rellis delivered his key note address during Bank of Ireland Business Week. Rellis revealed that Microsoft planned to work with the Dublin teenager to develop his talent for legitimate purposes.

His name was not revealed, however I am sure it will turn up soon. What do you think? Should Microsoft be working with this kid?

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  • David

    If he has legitimate skill, good for him for getting hired.

    I question what kind of message this sends, however…

  • Sanity

    Yeah it doesn’t send the best message, however I do agree that someone with skills should have opportunities like this. But they should not be in the same league as someone who has went to school and worked their way up the ladder.

  • Charles Ariihohoa Anderson

    You mad much? So he got hired. Good for him. 

  • Chase Rogers

    They are lucky to hire him. If they fought him Anonymous would probably be crawling up M$ ass with a cheese shredder next.

  • Anonymous

    Totally, agree see Playstation Network 

  • Yarian Gomez

    And why not? You speak as if people who acquire skills without going to school don’t work hard. If you have the skills, why does it matter how you acquired them? In fact I think he should be in a greater league than someone who went to school.

    School has its benefits (I am a student myself) but for most people it is a passive experience. You learn what they tell you to learn, what the degree requirements are, etc… He actually had to figure out what to learn, how to learn it, and then go ahead and do it. Two more steps than those you claim are in a higher league.

    And also, the concept of ladders is void in the field of technology. Don’t apply flawed ideas from corporate and business culture to software. For many successful companies, there’s a strict meritocracy in place, for good reason.

  • Leon Blade

    He got hired because he’s a fucking 14 year old kid who hacked into their servers.  You don’t need to go to a University to get talent like that, in fact, you’ll most likely learn it without college.  College is nothing but a legal monopoly, and I can learn the same information colleges by myself without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.
    But anyway, to stay on topic, I’m glad the kid got hired.

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  • Anonymous

    I dig it ~ the win-win’s that MS save themselves the risk of him furthering his capabilities by sharpening his teeth on their servers/products, by building a relationship with him and fostering more positive expressions of his talent. And the kid, along with the respect often sought via such acts, gets paid (likely very well) early on, a great name for himself early on, and access to info and technologies he’d have likely not had ready (legal ha) access to. 

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  • gEo

    hire him now or deal with more hacks in the future …..i guess thats why they did it , my take is , the little turd broke a shit ton of laws and just cause he is 14 there giving him a free pass…..this will not end well , it’s just goning  to open the flood gates to more keyboard happy hackers to do as they please ….. 

  • David

    By the time he is 20 he will weigh 300 pounds. 

  • Mason Bially

    Same thing that happened to that catch me if you can guy. And it’s a great way to turn kids/teenagers want to rebel into a productive future. 

    It’s the same tactic my school employed, by using kids as system admins you stop them from a) wanting to hack into the school, b) make them want to stop other kids from hacking into the school (Because the feel a sense of pride over their system), and c) teach them life skills.

  • Jon Sky

    To tell you guys, he will be exploited by M$. Hacking is an art!

  • Alexander Muniz

    I understand that Microsoft desires young persons that are just a bit more tech savvy than most, but if he was caught he made many many mistakes. I think that hiring a criminal is the wrong approach and it sends out the wrong message. Sounds like the message is, “Rip people off after knocking into a logged server that is poorly monitored with obvious security issues and we will reward you! Good job being a criminal!” I think that’s stupid and sends a terrible message out.

    If this kid has talent past that of hacking via common backdoors or SQL injection or through listing open index files via google…. that’s not much to go on and it’s sad. There are talented persons out there in the world that can break into a number of servers, devices, and can do things many would question how, but a) Having gone through college for both a 4yr in computer engineering and an electronic engineering degree, and being a person of high morals and ethics, as are the many talented associates and peers I work with, they would never do such a stupid thing and violate such a massive cardinal rule: respecting the rights of others, and in the case of breaking into a server, making the sys admin aware of the vulnerability… not defrauding persons.

    If the kids so talented, why hasn’t he spear-headed a piece of software or an enterprise internet site? Why hasn’t he developed anything that the world can thank him for. Whether you hate M$ or not, I find their decision to hire a childish scam artist with a little tech know how egregious and ignorant. Those developers out there working on open source software’s and making the security of networks safer are the ones that should be hired…. not some snot nosed criminal trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. These tpyes of stories sicken me. It would be much like that of the military recruiting a serial killer and paying him top dollar because he has killed numerous persons. They were caught, which says allot! It says they are not as talented as this story would make them sound, and it sums up much of what I consider to be the ever increasing decline in US morals, values and judgement. Stupid stupid stupid. Shame on you MS… this makes me want to vomit!

  • Alexander Muniz

    Lucky to have some little scam artist turd? Breaking into a server is not the most difficult thing to do. In fact, most sites are highly susceptible to attacks. I guarantee the little turd, and the world would be better off if MS filled charges against this idiot. If he was truly talented he would not have been traced back to his home IP on a server log!

    It would have been a much better example to punish the little moron for trying to scam people and being a criminal, not some wonderful tech guru. Like I said before, shame on MS for rewarding his failure and criminal behavior. Great techs or hackers don’t get caught, and they would rather spend their time trying to tighten security by exposing and informing sites of security issues or by developing truly inventive and innovative hardware xor software. This kids just a douche, and it makes me feel better knowing how many people have cracked versions of MS OS and Office software’s. They endorse criminals and expect everyday students and persons to pay outrageous sums of money for their software. I feel much better now bout modding every Xbox systems a friend owns. Do ya think MS will hire me too? Pure stupidity. Teach right from wrong. You don’t reward wrong, you punish it in a proper manner that will dissuade future abuse.

  • Alexander Muniz

    BS. Scary… a 14 year old who knows how to read and scam people. Let’s not forget, HE WAS CAUGHT, and instead of being punished for breaking laws and trying to screw people by commit identity theft MS rewards the little fatty!

  • Cris Van Inwegen

    I don’t know…the fact that this kid is able to do these things at 14 years old is pretty damned impressive and I don’t blame Microsoft one bit for trying to snag him up before a) another competing company does so and b) he develops his skills even further and does some real damage. I’m sure several people here are going to reference “Catch Me if You Can” and rightly so – this is a very similar situation. And yes, Frank Abagnale, Jr. was caught, too but does that make him any less intelligent? That guy has contributed invaluably to the advancement of financial security. Hopefully this kid can offer even 1/10th of what Mr. Abagnale has and will assist Microsoft in developing secure systems that will keep your and my information safe from people just like him.

    As for your analogy of the military recruiting serial killers to contribute, they already do this on a smaller scale. I went though basic training with about 5 guys that had the choice of either jail or the military. If I’m in a firefight and have a choice between a hardened criminal or the kid straight out of highschool who joined to get the G.I. Bill to share the foxhole with? I’ll take the crimial 10 times out of 10, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You get my point.

    The best way to combat crime is to consult with the people that are/have been involved with those of whom you’re fighting against. Microsoft is smart enough to know this. In fact, they are so smart and have done well enough in business that guys like you equate their name with money…hence the “M$” tag you and so many others like to use.

  • Cedric Satterfield

    You must have gone through Basic years ago. Legally,judges cannot present that as an option, and the Service branches won’t take them either. There are too many other more qualified people that don’t need legal waivers trying to get in. 

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