Thermaltake Black Laser Gaming Mouse and Unboxing[video]

Thermaltake eSports sent TekGoblin a package with the Thermaltake Black Laser Gaming Mouse inside. This mouse does not require any drivers at all so all you have to do is plug-in and get to work. A bad thing about it being pnp is that there is no button control settings. The mouse has set DPI settings of 400DPI, 800DPI, 2000DPI, and 4000DPI. I personally like my DPI to be between 1200DPI and 1600DPI. Even with all of these there seems not to be one the is just perfect. You can select what DPI setting you want with the use of two extra buttons located behind the scroll wheel. The thumb button acts as a ‘Back’ button. I have it set in my games as “Melee” It come in handy lots of times. It is also long so that any size had will fit it. The scroll wheel is a little bit stiff which can be excellent in gaming but can be horrible in day-to-day computer tasks. The mouse’s main customization feature is its capability to hold weights. This feature is adjustable by removing weights from a tool less latch underneath of the mouse. Inside contains a rubber block that contains five, 4.5g weights. You can remove the block entirely, or just the number of weights you want to remove. You can set the weight from +0-22.5g. The mouse had a coating of rubber plastic to create a good grip for your hand. I give this mouse 4 out of 5 gears.


4 Gears

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