iPad Killer, Finally?

Galaxy Tab

I’ve been saying for some time that if anyone will beat Apple in the tablet arena, it will be Samsung. It was the only company to release a competing tablet last year to the original iPad, and with it’s new Galaxy Tabs 8.9 and 10.1, it looks to be the only one (so far) to really compete with the iPad 2.

Samsung isn’t the first company to release an Android tablet, that honor goes to Motorola with their Xoom. But the Xoom isn’t doing well, with Duetsche Bank estimating sales of only 100,000. Seems like a lot, but to put it in perspective, the iPad 2 sold over 500,000 in the FIRST WEEKEND. (Some estimate nearly a million). So no, the Xoom isn’t a iPad killer.

The problem for Android would seem then to lie in the fact that there really aren’t much in the way of differences between the Galaxy Tabs and the Xoom. Same processor, same OS. There are a few key differences, such as Samsung’s TouchWiz UX, as well as the smaller size of the Tabs, but I don’t think those are significant. What we need to remember though, is that perception is it’s own reality.

Marketing, is what it comes down to. The Xoom failed, so Google needs a new champion, and it’s found it in the Tabs. If you happened to be at the Google I/O a week ago, chances are you got one of the 5000 free Galaxy Tab 10.1s. Wish I had been there …

Before you accuse me of being TOO cynical, I will admit that the TouchWiz does have a few nifty changes, which could theoretically sway buyers. Chris Burns over at Android Community has some great pictures of the changes.

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Andy Mercer
Andy Mercer is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student at Purdue University. Currently employed by ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue), he is interested in web design and programming. In his spare time he enjoys killing zombies and playing his 360.
  • Eric Felder

    hate to break it to ya, but your article isn’t quite accurate…the first galaxy tab (7.x inch version) came out much sooner than the xoom, so it was the first major one, and even then, viewsonic those other small computing companies came out with weak tablets running android well before the xoom.

  • Anonymous

    True, I meant first to release an Android 3.0 tablet. The original Galaxy Tab (7 in) that you refer to came out last December, but used Android 2.1, I believe.

  • Anonymous

    True, what I meant was that the Xoom was the first Android 3.0 tablet. The original Galaxy Tab from last November ran Android 2.1, I believe. Or 2.2?

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