Review: HBO GO Application for iOS and Android

HBO GOThe HBO GO Application for iOS and Android devices is a great addition to the world of apps for content consumption. It offers many people who are fans or occasional watchers the ability to access HBO content from virtually anywhere on the go. Currently they have nearly 1,500 titles that include movies, documentaries, original series, comedy stand-ups, and even late night content. Now some of you may say that some of this content may already be available on Netflix and what would be the need for something like this if you have Netflix. To a certain degree, you may be correct, as you are limited to HBO content. But the one major flaw with Netflix is that they provide catalogs of shows once they pay for a license to show those titles. Those licenses usually last for a limited amount of time and many people have seen many old and new titles disappear at a faster pace from the instant availability on Netflix in the past 2 years.

While Netflix continues to not always renew their content licenses many people get left with an option to rent a physical disc only which can defeat the purpose of content consumption on the go almost entirely. Now although the HBO GO Application will only show us content available with HBO service with your television provider; that content is quite extensive across many genres.


The HBO GO application is free to download but in order to use it you have to be a customer of AT&T, DISH, VERIZON, DIRECTV, and Comcast among others in addition to be paying for an HBO subscription with that provider. For those of you that use windows tablets, netbooks, and even laptops on the go, there is no need to fret, you can also access HBO GO on the web.

In conclusion I think the HBO GO Application was a great idea for HBO to create and cannot wait until other companies such as Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, to name a few,  realize that this type of content consumption is the way to go. HBO seems committed to placing even current series on HBO GO in a fast and timely manner as well. I would only request that HBO offer one more thing that they do not currently provide. That is to offer a type of direct subscription of their own. Why not bypass the cable companies altogether and offer this application in a small $5-$10 a month subscription for those that may not have cable or may have a provider who is not on the list of providers who have access to the HBO GO service. That would be something that cable companies would fear…content providers bringing their service directly to consumers over the air without proprietary cable boxes, satellite dishes, and fiber wire. However, I doubt that this would be something we would see anytime soon.


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