AT&T Rep: iPhone 5 to be released in October

Jamba JuiceAn AT&T rep entered a Jamba Juice store today and told one of the workers that the iPhone 5 or 4S would be released in October this year. In a tweet by @halolordkiller3 he said that “An AT&T women came into work today and said that the iPhone 5 won’t be released till October 2011” which also coincides with what we said earlier this year where we stated it would be released near September. It’s also funny how they said iPhone 5 instead of 4S, could it actually be the 5 instead?

I talked to @halolordkiller3 on Twitter and he confirmed that the AT&T representative did enter his store and told them that it would be out in October due to the White iPhone 4 release. The full conversation is below also stated was that the iPhone 5 would not have 4G as we said before it would be.

Me “It’s a shame that the iPhone 5 won’t come out till September now. I was hoping to get one because other rumors said that it may support Sprint and T-Mobile.”

AT&T Employee “Actually I just got back from a cooperate meeting discussing the new iPhone 5. They said it won’t be put in stores till October now due to the White iPhone 4. Apple wants as many sales as possible.”

Me “That’s a shame. I heard it was also suppose to be just one phone. Like it could work on AT&T Verizon etc.”

AT&T Employee “That wasn’t discussed at the meeting. I can’t really see Apple doing that yet until the next iPhone after 5 when 4g will be on it.”


Well lets hope that this date is right now. [Twitter]

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