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My Ditto

My-Ditto is a piece of hardware that connects to your local network at either your home or office which then allows you to access your files remotely. The My-Ditto will allow you access to up to 4TB of data and setup typically takes about 5 minutes according to makers Dane-Elec.

The My-Ditto can be accessed by either using a USB key or by downloading the mobile application to your mobile device. The My-Ditto supports iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android tablets, Android Smartphones and Windows Smartphones and is specifically marketed towards iOS devices. It also supports up to 30 authenticated users in which users can create private or public folders for users to access on the network. The My-Ditto can also serve as a network backup solution with up to 4TB of space with 2 slots for 2TB hard drives. Its like having your own personal Dropbox.

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[spoiler]Apple Fans, Get Organized! Centralize All Your Files with my-Ditto This Spring

my-Ditto is the Central File Sharing and Storage Solution for MacBook, Mac Desktop, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone Devices

Irvine, CA – May 16, 2011 – Dane-Elec, a global leader in consumer electronics, is ready to organize your files this Spring with my-Ditto. The my-Ditto allows Apple users to back-up and access their files from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for both techies, and those who are not tech savvy, but still want to easily and securely store, organize and share files between their Apple, Windows and Android devices.

The 2011 Macworld “Best of Show” my-Ditto allows users to access up to 4TB (terabytes) of data from their MacBook, Mac Desktop, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Nothing can compare to my-Ditto’s “Three Easy Steps” set-up process, which takes less than five minutes to begin safely sharing digital content over the Internet. From streaming videos, to exchanging favorite playlists, viewing memorable photos, and saving important documents, my-Ditto is the answer to storing and sharing files among multiple devices and users, anywhere in the world.

“Based on Dane-Elec’s recent survey, over 80 percent of respondents expressed the importance of securely accessing their centralized digital content, while on the go,” commented Sherry Chapman, Director of Marketing at Dane-Elec. “Not only is the my-Ditto compatible with Apple’s full line of Intel-based products and iOS devices, it also works with Windows and Android devices as well, for easy remote access. Whether it’s for sharing files, pictures and videos with friends and family or for workers on the go, my-Ditto can be personalized to each user’s home and office needs.”

About my-Ditto
my-Ditto is a digital storage solution that users can own and control, providing a single, secure location for all their digital content, with user-defined access and backup capabilities. It is the perfect companion product for an individual or small business owner’s mobile lifestyle, and it does not have to be plugged into a computer.

User-Defined Access
my-Ditto can be accessed using either a provided USB key with a computer, or through downloading the free mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. The free my-Ditto apps give users of iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android tablets, Android Smartphones and Windows Smartphones access to their stored material-no matter where they are in the world.

Secure Single Location
Since a user’s content is placed in a centralized location, files may be accessed from over the Internet, via a Smartphone or tablet-from any location. With up to 30 authenticated users on one my-Ditto, users have the choice to create either private or shared folders to restrict or enable access to individual files. my-Ditto allows the user complete personal control of the physical hard drive and who can access it. This makes the my-Ditto an excellent alternative to third party cloud computing services.

Backup Capabilities
With my-Ditto’s true plug‘n’play simplicity, it’s never been easier to automatically backup files. It can be up and running in less than five minutes, regardless of the user’s technical skill. With on-board storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 4TB, and the ability to connect an additional external drive of up to 2TB, there is plenty of space to grow.

To learn more about my-Ditto or to purchase the device, visit my-Ditto on Facebook at!/pages/MyDitto-Home-US/159591460740995?v=wall

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