Howard Stringer from Sony answers questions about PlayStation hack

Howard Stringer SonyThe PlayStation Network is back up and running in most places of the world. Sony held a press conference today where Howard Stringer and Kaz Hirai the head of PlayStation answered questions about the recent events concerning the PlayStation Network breach.

The guys over at AllthingsD have put together an audio excerpt from the conference which can be listened to below. In the audio, Sony says that an Amazon Web Services account was not involved in the attack which media had earlier mentioned may have been involved. Details about the attack were not given at the conference but they were asked for, I am sure we will learn more about what actually happened after they catch who was involved. Here is a quote from CrunchGear when Stringer was asked why Sony did not notify users of the attack quicker than they did:

We told people what we believed to have been lost and what we couldn’t rule out within a day of finding that out. That’s fast. That’s faster than what most companies have done. That’s faster than the law required and it was the responsible thing to do for our customers. You can’t find a company that acted any quicker once it found out. What you’re talking about is when we didn’t know anything you wanted us to reveal the information. That would have been irresponsible. If your house has been burglarized, you find out if you’ve lost something before you call the police.

CrunchGear believes that he went on the defensive in the quote above, I believe he had the right to. All of the criticism that he may have received over the past month with the entire PlayStation Network debacle. I honestly think that Sony handled the situation well, however the security issues that they had on their network should not have happened in the first place. [Image]


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