HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon Wireless Review and Hands-On

HTC Incredible 2 Front

Another year goes by and HTC and Verizon Wireless release another Android Incredible. This time it is the Droid Incredible 2; the second generation device in the Incredible series. Check out my hands-on video below to see it in action. The Droid Incredible 2 features a Android 2.2 operating device with a Super LCD Display, next generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 8-Megapixel rear camera with 720p HD video recording and a 1.3-Megapixel front camera. Lets get into it…


The Incredible 2 on the Verizon Wireless network is a 3G enabled device only and will unfortunately not be equipped for 4G LTE service. Why HTC and Verizon chose to follow up a 3G handset with a non-4G successor in the midst of past and imminent releases of 4G devices is beyond the realm of odd. Especially with the relatively high contract price tag the device is currently listed at which is $199.99.
One right decision that HTC and Verizon Wireless made with this device though was the choice to make it a Global device so users may use device overseas. The Incredible 2 is a Quad Band world device operating on all four, 850/900/1800/MHz, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies. Still the lack of 4G service on the Verizon Wireless LTE network has me wanting on this network.

HTC Incredible 2 Back


The Incredible 2 adds some nice improvements over the form of the first incredible. The most notable would be the increase in screen size,which went from 3.7 inches to 4 inches, while it may not sound that much of a difference it does make a visual difference especially with the Qwerty keyboard. The display is a super LCD WVGA capacitive touch screen display. On the front of that larger display in the top right corner is a front facing 1.3-Megapixel camera to help you with those self portraits and to also take true advantage of video calling applications. On the rear camera is an 8-Megapixel camera and Dual LED flash with 720p HD video recording. I would like to mention that the still shot photos I took on the device were clear but did not appear substantially improved from the same Megapixel camera in the first Incredible. The 720p out-of-the-box video recording capability was a nice, but expected, addition.

Headset Jack Incredible 2
The device of course features GPS/AGPS, Bluetooth (2.1w/EDR) and WIFI (802.11 b/g/n) and the 3G mobile hotspot does what it can without the speeds of 4G LTE. You may listen to tunes through stereo bluetooth headphones or using the 3.5 mm headset jack for those of you who still like cords. The phone comes with 768MB RAM and also includes 1GB of memory internal and a pre-installed hot-swappable 16GB Micro-SD card. I am sad to see that the battery is a 1450 mAh battery, though this is not a 4G device, I still believe that all smartphones should have battery above 1600mAh to provide an adequate amount of power for power or regular users. HTC says the 1450 mAh battery will provide up to 390 minutes of talk-time and up to 361 hours of standby. We have got a plenty of internal sensors with Compass Sensor, G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and Light Sensor. HTC chose to place the charger port, which is Micro-USB, on the left side bottom corner. This is a port location that many people, myself included, felt was obtrusive to the hand when wanting to use device as it was charging.

Charge Slot Incredible 2
I have to say the new rounded edges of the Incredible 2 are a major change in form from the more squared edges of its predecessor. I still hold that the squared edges would have been better on this 4-inch 4.77 oz device. There is a noise-cancellation microphone located on top of device and that improves the already clear voice calls you more than usually get on the Verizon Wireless network. Once thing that I would say it is unique to this Android device is the moving capacitive buttons on the home, menu, back, and search buttons. This will be more obvious in the hands-on video where you will those see buttons move just as the touch screen moves when you change orientation of the device.

HTC Incredible 2 Home Buttons
Now for device speed we see a new generation of processor power in the Qualcomm MSM8655 1GHz Snapdragon and with the new generation of processor we can only hope and speculate that this device may be one of the devices to feature the Netflix application for Android devices once it is released. One final note on the body of the device I did not like and many other who rather carry device “case-less” in their pockets; the Droid Incredible 2 has a very thin open lining around bezel of the device which easily catches lint and debris from your pockets. In my case some small piece of lint strands seem caught in this space and is visually apparent. This seems to be a small issue and may not cause that much of an issue but it is noticeable.


There is only one comment to make. Why is this not a 4G LTE smartphone? While it may pack some Android and 3G punches there is still a current price point of $199.99 (2YR-Contract Pricing) that seems a bit steep given the selection of Android phones on Verizon with similar if not exact features for less and 4G Android devices for not that much more. Lets not forget the 16GB iPhone 4 is also $199.99 (2YR-Contract Pricing) as well. While I do admit that anyone who has never had the first Droid Incredible or is new to Android period may enjoy this device I would caution most to wait for a price drop if they plan to pick up this device. Would you pay just a little more for more features and a better device or would you rather buy a device that should be priced lower than it is? Leave your comments below!


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