Netflix Service Status by Users, You tell us when Netflix is down (Update: 12-24-12)

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There have been many instances over the past year where the Netflix Streaming service has gone down. I would like to keep a thread here available to the public to report these kinds of issues. The information will be then available here to act as sort of a central hub to let users know what services are down at any given time at Netflix. The thread will of’course be supported by users so please post a comment below when you think that the Netflix service is down. This is unofficial and this way, users will not be frantically searching the web for confirmation of service interruption. Remember you can always reach Netflix on Twitter at @Netflixhelps.

If you think the service is down or there is a problem, please post a comment below.


For our PS3 Netflix users try the following solution submitted by Kilmode one of the commenters below. Let us know if it works.

1 Press and hold down the PS button and select Quit to exit any applications.2 On the PlayStation 3 main menu XMediaBar, navigate to Settings.3 Select Date and Time Settings.4 Select Date and Time.5 Click Set via Internet.6 Try Netflix again.?

12/24/12 Service Disruption for some Netflix Subscribers.

6/14/12 – 6/15/12 Service Interruption related to AWS.

10/9/11 Service Interruption Reported, Netflix Aware.

9/30/11 Likely Service Interruption at 11:30PM EST Due to Widespread Referrals, Please comment below if you have more information.

9/6/11 Slowness reported on Xbox 360

8/31/11 Possible Service Interruption

8/26/11 Netflix Service Slow and Intermittent

8/25/11 Netflix website not responding, service interruption.

8/19/11 Netflix Slow on Xbox 360

8/8/11 Netflix Service Interruption, Website Down, And other services.(The Amazon EC2 cloud East-1 cluster is down)

8/2/11 Many users are reporting an error when trying to connect to Netflix on Xbox 360 today.

7/20/11 Minor Outage possible, unavailable on some Xbox 360 Dashboards, unclear if it is Netflix’s fault.

7/17/11 Service interruption, suggestions may be unavailable.

7/7/11 May be a service interruption due to increased searches for Netflix down

6/29/11 May be a partial outage for Apple devices, Unable to search Netflix on Xbox 360 or view suggestions. May be affecting all devices now. Tested website and was ok at 11:00 pm EDT. Netflix says:

We are aware that some members may have trouble streaming. We are working to get the service back up and running as quickly as possible.

6/23/11 Intermittent up and down issues with Netflix tonight, lots of reports of issues with PS3.

6/22/11 Getting alot of hits on PS3 Netflix down, anyone experiencing this? Possible outage.

6/19/11 The Netflix website may be experiencing issues, the page just appears blank at the time being. Service on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and other devices are affected now.

6/14/11 Looks like there is a slowdown or interruption of the Netflix service on multiple devices including Xbox 360, PS3. Update from Netflix “We are aware that some members are experiencing Netflix Site Errors when attempting to load the Netflix website. We’re working on getting this fixed as quickly as we can.”

6/1/11 A few users have reported issues with Netflix streaming on the Wii this evening, please post below if you are having issues with the Wii or other devices. Thank you.

5/28/11 5/29/11 Service interruption for PS3 owner and Xbox owners at this time, Wii too (please comment below) (Netflix has acknowledged the current issue)

5/23/11 The outage has extended to the 23rd. Affecting Xbox, PS3, iOS, Wii.

5/22/11 – I have seen many users searching for issues with Netflix on PS3, please post a comment below if there you notice issues with instant streaming on PS3. Update: May be for other devices (read comments)

5/9/11 – Looks like Netflix is down or having issues with Instant streaming on Consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii), and Boxee, and iPad.

Here is a list of Netflix http error codes if you have gotten them.

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  • Sanity

    I am able to get netflix streaming to work on my iPad by pressing resume, however it will not work on my Boxee box, 5/9/11

  • JD Starm

    unable to get my ps3 to connect. says “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again or visit for guidance. To return to the XMB menu, press the PS button on your controller.”

  • pdxaurelian

    also experiencing netflix outage — portland OR, on my roku

  • Sean West

     I don’t know about PS3 but I am unable to connect to Netflix streaming via my Vizio internet enabled TV. Is working via web browser though.

  • Anonymous

    PS3 Netflix outage, Minneapolis.  We’ve been connected all evening…suddenly stopped refreshing episodes of shows.  Got out thinking it’d go.  Streaming via computer still works.

  • Jae Chatfield

    5/22 Netflix not working via PS3. Seems to be working on PC and iPod; at least we can get to the interface to search/browse. Rochester, NY.

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the update

  • D

    5/22 Tried to access Netflix on the Wii at 11:50 pm EST/not working. I’m in southeastern Michigan.

  • Hans Budach

     5/22 tried to access netflix from ~10:30pm CST on ps3. was working all day until now.

  • Jacob Bowen

     Seems like it is down on my Vizio TV too

  • Cameron Rezaee

     Nettflix intermittent outages 5/23/2011 12AM EST on my PS3. Lexington, KY

  • PatrickP

     Netflix is currently down for me on my PS3.  Was up all day until now.

  • Curtis Macon

     At first I couldn’t sign into Netflix. Then, I was able to get in but couldn’t access my instant queue (just blank squares where movie thumbnail usually are) or search for titles. I can only access the movies that are already listed by Netflix (Suggestions, New Arrivals, etc.). Despite this, once I actually get to the point where I can choose the option to play a movie, I can get it going. I’m in San Jose and streaming through my PS3. 

  • Anonymous

    Currently down on xbox 360, this would explain why I couldn’t load titles on my phone earlier as well

  • Sanity

     I am able to access Netflix on 360, however I have to search for titles suggestions are not appearing.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for the update, I would like to always continue to update users on Netflix status here on this thread so watch it often.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for commenting.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for the update.

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the comment.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for your update.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for commenting.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for the update.

  • Sanity

     Thank you for your update.

  • Jeremiah Jones

    Watched a movie a few hours ago and havent been able to login since then…. From Hawaii 

  • Anonymous

    Netflix has been down for hours here on both PC and PS3.. San Antonio TX

  • Anonymous

    May 24th.2011 New init signin on PS3 with member credential.  Seems OK

  • Dave Pence

    5-28.. ps3, xbox and PC all seem to be down…(ps3 and xbox want to reactivate but wont’ validate the code)

  • Jennifer Carawan Creviston

    My Netflix is down XBOX 360.. booo 5/28/2011

  • J.J. Emerson

    5/28/11: Xbox and Panasonic Viera Cast application both request activation, but activation won’t work. But it works on the PC.

  • Jo Martha

    Netflix website up but service down in Alberta, Canada on PS3 and PC. 05/28/2011

  • Anthony Hinamon

    Yeaaaa its down for me and I just paid the bill yesterday =/ 
    I guess my night will lack Michael Scott =[

  • Raj Lulla

    Netflix on the Wii seems down as well.

  • Sonny Heer

    XBox steaming down in Seattle as well.  Any idea when service is going to be back up?  new to netflix.  Thanks.

  • Sanity

    Don’t worry it usually comes back up pretty fast and doesn’t go down that often. Netflix has had a bad couple of months.

  • Sonny Heer

    I hope so.  This looks really bad at the moment.  It’s been ~3 hours

  • Sanity

    I would expect it to be back to normal by morning, otherwise Netflix will issue a statement.

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the update

  • Eloisa Peralta

    the web page seems to be down…. i go to the main webpage but it directs me to some completely different page called wikimedia. Ive always logged in through but it doesn’t seem to be working now. However i just came across the below website this one is working.

  • Morwyn Kodnarruk

    Netflix on the xbox isn’t working as of last night (central NY) and today early a.m. so far (5/29/11 4:00am). Keep saying I need an activation code (already had one over 2 yrs now) and when I even tried to re- activate it, it won’t even bring up a new code. Called them and it just says that Netflix is having trouble streaming movies. I’ll try again tomorrow I guess.

  • Morwyn Kodnarruk

    Well, guess I’m not alone at least. lol

  • Anonymous

    5/28/11 PS3 not streaming Netflix. Roku working fine.

  • vanessa macdonald

    is there a wii outage with netflix right now?

  • Kari Ziegler

    down on the WII right now for me. had issues all afternoon.

  • Sanity

    Thank you for reporting the issue

  • Shana Bell

    I’m having trouble tonight (6/1/11, 8:00 p.m.) with the Wii connecting to Netflix.  I haven’t tried my other devices yet.

  • Sanity

    I can’t testify for the Wii, but the service is working fine on Xbox 360.

  • Dan Lim

    Netflix streaming on Wii down 6/1/11 from around 4.30pm PST. 

  • Kristin Haas

    Netflix definitely down on Wii.  I have tried all troubleshooting tips to no avail.

  • tim easat

    Wii Netflix giving me connection error. My Wii can connect to the internet Just not through Netflix. Netflix on pc is working.

  • John Patrick Graves Jr.

    xbox, itouch, wii are all down in the atl.

  • Phillip Wilson

    Having issues with netflix on the wii on 6/1/11

  • Alisha Milam

    Netflix streaming on the Wii down 10:22 EST.

  • Susanna

    Same here. Netflix on the computer is working fine, just not connecting on the wii since a little over an hour ago. 

  • eva

    my netflix pc is down…it’s been resetting alot since about 7pm est

  • Ronald Lopez

    Netflix not connecting to Wii 10:30 Brooklyn NY

  • Scot

    Netflix is down on Apple TV and iPad app.  Works on my computers though.

  • Claudio Morasse

    Netflix down on my Wii and Ipad for the last 4 hours, but works fine on my Imac ???

  • Jeff Ruhl

    8:23 PST- NETFLIX ON WII is down

  • Chrislee

    Netflix down on the wii since 11pm EST

  • Betsy

    Netflix not working on the Wii, but was working earlier today.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, no Netflix on Wii or iPod touch, but fine on imac–6/1/11  8:30 PST, been down for hours.

  • Roger McLord

    Currently experiencing netflix outage. Message is “unable to connect to netflix, try again or quit. Unable to try again, it just repeats the message. connection is through wii

  • Roger McLord

    Unable to access Netflix through wii. It’ been down several hours. Message is “unable to connect to netflix try again or quit. won’t accept try again. 

  • River Victoria McKinney

    its down. tried restarting, clearing and reputting in wireless info.. deactivating wii on netflix and activating back… then nothing… ugh!

  • Michael Solganik

    Netflix is definitely down on our Wii…

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down on Wii here 11:52P EST. Worked fine an hour ago??

  • Tony Richards

    Also cannot connect via Wii, but my smartphone can connect over the same wifi.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix online support says Wii connection is working properly. Tried erasing internet connection and re-entering it, re-booting Wii, erasing Netflix and re-downloading…nothing is working 😛

  • Kristin McLaughlin

    Netflix is down on Wii for us as  well.

  • Ann Kaub

    Just called the Netflix helpline….before they even answered a male voice came on saying “We are currently experiencing issues streaming movies..we are working to correct this.” at least they are aware of the issue…

  • Rob Anderson

    Yeah, no Netflix on my Wii… called their tech support and the recorded message said there was an outage…

  • Anonymous

    iPad, iPod, Wii, PS3 are all down for me

  • Joshua Kreeck

    Netflix still down for Wii but Netflix customer support says that it’s Nintendo’s issue and that their systems seem to be doing fine.

  • Tara Kelley-Guariglia

    Netflix still down on Wii! Even reset my router settings, at least my network is secured now!

  • Tara Kelley-Guariglia

    Netflix still down on Wii! Even reset my router settings, at least my network is secured now!

  • Sanity

    At least something good came out of the outage :)

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is back up on the Wii. At least it is for Olympia. Still lagging a bit for some things, but functional.

  • Evan Taylor

    Netflix streaming was still down on Wii

  • Katelynn Greer

    Service seems to be unavailable on home computers…

  •íguez/597225301 Aalan R. Rodríguez

    6/9/2011 Got a Netflix account  to watch movies on my Wii, but could not locate the Netflix icon on the wii shop. After hours trying all troubleshooting just realized it was impossible due to service status down.

  • Anonymous

    Yes we are experiencing netflix outage – Boise, Idaho on my roku.  Its been almost a month where we dont get to watch movies on netflix as much as before.  Contacted them first person we talked to said one of the server is downl  Then the next day still doing the same thing, we called the person said theres problem with our internet provider, we were told to unplug and plug back in our internet/router.  We did that and it worked but netflix still plays movies “limited”.  Then we tried to report this issue via the netflix website, the questionaire suggested it’s roku player problem and we had to contact roku.  We contacted them but then at the same time we tried to play movies on crackle (Godzilla movies) it played just fine with no problem whatsoever!.  And everytime we plug and unplug the internet/router — our internet most times shows : Strong signal and played cracle movies just fine on our roku player.

  • Laelious Al Bashir

    Netflix seems to be down on my Toshiba Blue-Ray player (We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again or visit for guidance”)… Have tried rebooting, re-registering. It re-registers fine, however still getting that nasty error message.

  • Andy Hargreaves

    Having the problem here on my ps3 ugghhhhh

  • Zac Action

    xbox 360, just getting the loading screen for hour after hour. worked for a second at first but only showed my  queue. works fine on my home computer though. have to say, their web site design has taken a turn for the worst though and every time i try to go to my account page it redirects me to the instant page

  • Anonymous

    I was watching something and then lost connection on my wireless router. Ever since then Netflix won’t load anything past 2% on my computer, but working fine on the Wii (North Carolina) Tried everything they suggest…rebooting comp, etc 😛 And, as always, they say everything is working fine and it must be the computer.

  • Margaret O’Brien

    PS3 times out when trying to log into Netflix. Most annoying.

  • Robbie V Schuele


    Netflix won’t come back on, on my xbox360 saying that netflix ix temporarily unavailable. All after this update 
    for it it was working about 20 mins ago but all the sudden it will not let me on. I also have tried all the other affiliate parties on xbox and they are working.

  • Isabella Organ

    Netflix streaming did not work on my computer this morning around 10am, but I blamed my internet connectivity (a more common culprit). Imagine my surprise when I am not able to watch any streaming selections on my iPad, computer or television 12 hours later. While I am fully aware that this is really a “first world problem”, this is really an unacceptable outage length for paying customers.

  • Anthony Sharpe

    I’m getting the Unable to Connect Error. go to netflix.xom/tvhelp on my xbox 360

  • Chelsea Caputo

    Just finished watching a tv episode on my roko. When i tried to return to my queue, I got the “Unable to connect to netflix at this time..” error msg. What is going on? It works on my wii player in the other room!! What’s happened with the roku box?

  • Isabella Organ

    Also, there is no way to contact Netflix about this issue!
    When I try to report a problem or contact them, I am taken on a never-ending circuit, that repeatedly dead-ends, without my specific problem ever being addressed, an actual email being sent or any resolution being obtained.
    Terrible customer service Netflix! and I say this after being a loyal customer for 9 years.

  • Chelsea Caputo

    Just finished watching a tv episode on my roku box. When i tried to return to my queue, I got the “We are unable to connect to netflix at this time…” error msg. It works on my wii player in other room still. whats going on? What happened in to roku?

  • Zac Action

    first world problem yes, but its a service paid for. and when you pay for a service and don’t get that service it doesn’t matter if its first or third. 
    also, my fridge is so full of food i can’t reach the milk. there’s a real first world problem

  • Robbie V Schuele

    Okay for all the people trying to get back on from a third party device the netflix server is not registering i tried multiple times with my xbox same dump tvhelp site. the update basically didn’t work i tried to uninstall/reinstall the program but still does the same thing. I even tried to reboot by itself then install update and that didn’t work so it has got to be the update.

  • Kimberly Rockwell

    Roku error “We are unable to connect to Netflix at this time.”

    Just started. Rebooting the box doesn’t help.

  • Kasey

    Down for the pc now too

  • James

    Netflix down on iPad and PC

  • BlackSocks

    xbox360 can’t connect.. after some update

  • Logan Vess

    netflix is down for me on ps3…. really frustrating…..

  • Charles Labhart

    1:30AM EST 6/14/11.  Cannot load streaming content on my PC, Laptop or my Xbox 360.  Troubleshooting on Netflix site says Netflix is working fine.

  • Charles Labhart

    1:30AM EST 6/14/11.  Cannot load streaming content on my PC, Laptop or my Xbox 360.  Troubleshooting on Netflix site says Netflix is working fine.

  • redsam

    The site appears to be down using Apple TV. Netflix customer service is too busy to answer any calls. Tried multiple times. still busy.  And there is no other way to contact them. Multiple resets of the device were useless. Nowhere on their website was there a place to leave a written comment.  Netflix on the computer is fine. Upshot = shoddy and irresponsible customer service. Inability to anticipate customer requirements and needs.

  • Collin Brocker

    xbox live is a no go

  • Zac Action

    just talked to a netflix tech. i guess 99% of us and canadia is down. but i swear he got so happy when i told him that mine connected to just my instant queue he probably has to change his underwear. now they’re looking into my account to see what shenanery is making quasi work. he sounded stressed, like hundreds of thousands of people have been incredibly angry with him tonight

  • Steve Young

    My Xbox 360 keeps saying unable to connect to netflix. I deactivated my device to see if I can reactivate it but every time I try to connect to netflix to get another activation code on my xbox 360, it still says unable to connect to netflix. This is the first time this has happened. When I first tried connecting to netflix this evening, it says that an update is required. After the update was completed, I was unable to get in to netflix. What is going on with it, and how do I fix it?

  • Zac Action

    change the sort to newest first on the comments and read whats below you. 

  • Lacie Parsons

    I can’t stream content on my macbook and my queue is empty!!! 6/13/2011

  • Elena

    Same here.. frustrating. Hopefully we will get a 3% off link :)

  • Kimberly Rockwell

    Netflix has now shut down their phone system in order to avoid commenting on this. The outage is reported on the roku site but netflix is in mass denial mode. No info on the website regarding the outage, and as I said they’ve set their phones to say pretty much “go away” and it hangs up on you. Gotta love professionalism.

  • Heather Torres

    netflix down on xbox 360. checked netflix site, says this 

    Due to planned maintenance, the ability to watch instantly will be unavailable starting at 03:00 Pacific time. We expect it will be available again by 04:00 Pacific time. We apologize for any inconvenience.”alright netflix, planned maintenance in the middle of the night is all well and good. EXCEPT it’s only going on 11 pm pacific time. 

  • Zac Action

    i just got through about 15 minutes ago. and i just mentioned that i got through about 11 minutes ago

  • Noor Dana

    Down in chicago this sucks

  • Larry Powers

    Netflix on wii down! Tried customer service was told (by automated message) that they had higher than normal call volume and to call back and then hung up on me.  I’m getting tired of this.

  • Elias Valdez

    12:58 AM CST 6/14/2011– I can’t load Netflix on my PS3. It won’t load the streaming content. Anybody else have the same problem or know the solution?

  • Zac Action

    just talked to a netflix tech about 20 minutes ago. i guess 99% of us and canadia is down.

  • Zac Action

    change your comment sorting to newest first then read below

  • Patrick Flanagan

    xbox netflix cannot connect as of 1:05am… after some kind of update…. well, that’s a disappointment,

  • John Goove Gouveia

    Xbox 360 here, down in CT…My netflix is not able to get passed the loadout screen when you first choose netflix from the dashboard…B>S

  • Taylor

    “Cannot connect you to netflix” error on the 360. Not happy.

  • Adam

    its not the update, did the update earlier on 360 and watched plenty after, about 1 am eastern it just shut down, took comcast internet a good half hour to come back online but then had the netflix problem from there on

  • Garrett Abbott

    Netflix is down for me on PC, WD TV, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Joan Robinson-Blumit

    Roku says Netflix won’t connect. Try calling Netflix, you get a recorded message that there are a high volume of calls. Call later. Checked my queue – it’s wiped out … not good news.

  • Robbie V Schuele

    All i have to say is i am limited in my computer knowledge to a few things and i could write a better update. 

  • Adam

    they took the maintenance banner off their site now but still no worky

  • Honey Love-lee

    I have been trying for over an hour now to figure out whats wrong with netflix, my queue is gone and it’s not working on the Wii or PC. PC keeps loading to 4% and then tells me I need to update silverlight.  WTF?? I am not a happy person right now!!!

  • Adam

    back up and running on 360

  • Corina Martinez

    my queue got erase completely

  • Michael Sturdivant

    back up for me in texas 😀

  • James

    Netflix on the PC is down. My DVD and Instance queue are showing no movies now and when I try to stream a movie it buffers to about 2% then stops . Was watching movies fine and then just stopped. Seems Netflix on the iPad is down as well… Wont even load.

  • Anonymous

    iPad, Samsung or wii won’t connect at all.

    On Samsung, Netflix launches but says “loading movies” and just stays there.

    On iPad, Netflix launches but go to a white screen and after a minute says “please make sure your device has network connectivity and your date and time are accurate”. I’m sending this from the same device.

    Also, all movies in my Instant queue are missing. If I try to add one, it says it’s already in my queue.

  • Robbie V Schuele

    can you tell me your general local just for refrence on server location

  • Honey Love-lee

    working on pc now, lets see about the wii

  • Adam

    pittsburgh area, still no pc but 360 working

  • James

    Mine just came back up!

  • Robbie V Schuele

    Got it problem was with the updates everyone should have it now :)

  • Robbie V Schuele

    thank you bad update PC should work in a moment i think that they just had a bug good thing we werent being hacked !!!! it happened like this before but not this long but that was a server thing well good to see they resolved it

  • Corina Martinez

    queue back up and everything fine

  • Garrett Abbott

    Works on everything now for me. PC, WD TV, ps3 and xbox360!

    Still hoping I get that 3% off email, haha.

  • Elias Valdez

    mine is back up!! thank god now back to an all night movie marathon

  • NewWaveBanjo

    Can’t load any streaming video from my queue on NF. Also, NF won’t let me add videos to my queue.  The worst part: My 125-item instant queue has been erased. (Fortunately I saved screenshots as I saw the empty NF queue in a new tab before closing the original page.) Either case, I hope to hell it’s temporary.  

    Curious to know if anyone else’s instant queue also has been vaporized. 

  • Robbie V Schuele

    i got a bigger problem now my xbox freezes everytime i go to netflix

  • Robbie V Schuele

    nvm loading lag got it 

  • Tyree Bain

    everytime i try to get on netflix it says Netflix Site Error

  • Sanity

    I don’t believe the maintenance was actually planned, they put that banner up to help appease the users that have been having trouble with the service.

  • Cheyanne Hunter

    Went down around 11  last night when it gave me multiple solutions to fix the problem (silverlight, login, network error, etc.) and none of them worked. Now, this morning I went on to see if it was working, and the site doesn’t even come up, it just says ‘ Netflix Site Error. We were unable to process your request.Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.’ The button, however, still does not fix the problem.

  • Andrea Roddy

    Um, seems to me it’s completely down…cannot even log in on the website.  Kept asking for me to log back into the service.  Directv box died, and my kids wanted to watch something.  Grrrrr.  Another service I pay for and don’t get!

  • Andrea Roddy

    Netflix seems to be completely down.  Cannot even get the website!  Apple tv kept asking me to login to my account.  Directv box died, kids wanted to watch something, and now another service I pay for isn’t working!  Grrrr

  • Andrea Roddy

    I can’t even get on their website.

  • Brett Bjorgaard

    neither Website or ps3 Netflix app is accepting my password, and when it does there comes a site error right after, forcing me to clear cookies then it wont accept the password AGAIN. even if i change it.

  • Michael Venokur

    Yep still having issues streaming on my PC and can only get partially on the site.  Home page comes up but when doing a search i get an error.

  • Ann Marie Judge Karmol

    9:10pm Mountain Time 6/14/11. I can only reach the login page on my laptop and PC, then only page errors after that. On the Wii, it says there is an error with my account and that it is having trouble renewing the monthly service. Seeing as we have a year from January paid in advance, I’d say this is another example of them having issues.

  • Anonymous

    the Netflix update on xBox made my Netflix stop working :((

  • Jackie Steinhauer

    Netflix not working on my Roku this afternon.

  • Theresa Jones

    I can watch on my sony blu ray for a while, the it tells me the network appears to be down . When I can get it started again, it starts from the beginning, and the movie does not show as having been started or watched ever

  • DJ von Llndenberg

    8:55pm [US EST], Maryland, USA, 16 June 2011:  Netflix for the Wii is not working.  Won’t load 60% of the instant queue and does not register that things are available for instant stream [even though I have been watching these things over the course of several weeks with no issue].  On the computer it works fine, if it doesn’t give you the Silverlight update error.  This has been happening for three days now and is starting to tax my patience…

  • michael

    can not load up netflix on the ps3 6/17/2011

  • Anonymous

    (6-17-11, 12:21p MDT) Netflix working spottily on ps3 today.  Every other attempt gets me “unable to connect”

  • Suzanne Keel

    PS3 issue. It keeps telling us to log onto the Playstation Network. We called Netflix. They sent us an email that said to change the PS Network password. We did. Now it says that we are not a recognized user. Trying to create new Playstation network ID. IT WORKED!

  • Jonathan Huse

    wont load on ps3

  • Jenette Downing

    June 19  9:15pm eastern

    net flix website won’t load at all nor will anything stream.

  • Sean Patrick McNally

    Cannot Load Netflix on my computer or on my Nintendo Wii.

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Netflix Streaming on Sony Blu Ray is DOWN!

  • Amanda Dalton

    Browser won’t load the Netflix site. I get a “no data received” message that i’ve never seen before when trying to load any other website. Streaming is flickering in and out.

  • Nancy

    can’t connect to netflix on pc

  • Kathy Adams

     netflix not loading on pc but is loading to wii and xbox

  • Stacy Manney

    i got 3 xbox 360z  n 5 computers in my house n not 1 will even load netflix page grrrrr :(

  • Stacy Manney

    i got 3 xbox 360z  n 5 computers in my house n not 1 will even load netflix page grrrrr :(

  • Jennifer Sanford

    Website appears to be down 9:39pm EDT and can’t access it on PS3

  • Anonymous

    Status seems down on xbox live and apple tv and iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t connect on ps3 or browser!  Haven’t tried the Wii yet, but it’s not looking good!

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is down 6/19/2011; Its not working on PC, iPad and iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is down 6/14/2011; Can’t connect on PC, iPad and iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    We need to contact and ask for a refund.

  • Singing O’ Gama

    Netflix website and access via PS3 is completely down. Website page returns Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

  • Singing O’ Gama

    Anyone familiar with how to go about getting a refund/credit from Netflix for these times when the service is unavailable?

  • Andrew

    netflix on my ps3 is down and has been for two days now put it back up please!

  • Sara Johnson

    6/19/2011 No matter what browser I use, netflix says my internet is down. I’m on a wireless laptop, obviously my internet is now down if i’m posting this. 

  • David Hazlewood

    Netflix Down 6/19/2011 2122 CDT
    Watch as many TV episodes and movies as you want for one low price! One month FREE Trial.


    We’re sorry, the Netflix website is temporarily unavailable.
    Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies will
    be processed as usual. And you can still instantly watch movies via your Netflix ready device.

    Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as soon as possible.
    We appreciate your patience and, again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-877-445-6064.

  • Chad Furman

    works again for me

  • The GRLs

    06/19/2011 9:00pm CST
    We’re sorry, the Netflix website is temporarily

    Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies
    will be processed as usual. And you can still instantly watch movies via your
    Netflix ready device.

    Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as soon as possible.
    We appreciate your patience and, again, we apologize for the inconvenience. If
    you need further assistance, please call us at 1-877-445-6064.

  • The GRLs

    06/19/2011 9:00pm CST

    We’re sorry, the Netflix website is temporarily

    Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies
    will be processed as usual. And you can still instantly watch movies via your
    Netflix ready device.

    Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as soon as possible.
    We appreciate your patience and, again, we apologize for the inconvenience. If
    you need further assistance, please call us at 1-877-445-6064.

  • Dominik Hoffmann

    June 19, 10:30 PM: No Netflix access via browser or Apple TV.

  • Dominik Hoffmann

    The outage message at claims: “And you can still instantly watch movies via your Netflix ready device.” Not true for Apple TV.

  • Deanna Felton

    I can’t connect through pc or PS3 at the moment.

  • Rachel Welles

    me either!!! I paused a movie I was almost done watching and came back after a food break and now I’m dying to find out what the ending is. Frustrating.

  • tamera983

    Cannot load Netflix on either firefox or IE….I just wanna see what’s up next in my queue…..but NOTHING will load…..argh!

  • DavidB

    “no data received ” message in San Francisco

  • Matthew Sheeley

    Netflix Down on PS3 in Kansas City..

  • Vayron

    We are sorry, the Netflix website and the ability to instantly watch movies are both temporarily unavailable.Our engineers are working hard to bring the site and ability to watch instantly back up as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and, again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-877-445-6064.

  • Clara

     i say we get a free month of service for the inconvenience this is causing us loyal movie lovers lol…we are paying customers and we should at least receive an email letting us know when the site will be up and running again.

  • Asif Bajwa

    hows a guy gonna get his prision break on if this shit is down, just fix it enough for me to watch my show mang, thats all im sayin

  • Asif Bajwa

    it literally just went up, you’re welcome everyone i did it!

  • Karen Peissinger

    Netflix site and streaming not operational on my Windows PC. Netflix streaming working in iPod (wifi).

  • Anonymous

    6/19/11 11pm San Antonio 78250 DOWN!

  • Heather Geran

    Netflix on pc working for me, but PS3 is down. 

  • Emilee Jarman

    I had netflix on an old xbox 360, but gave it back to my boyfriend’s brother. We then got a new xbox 360, and tried to get onto netflix from there. We did the activation code, and it wouldn’t bring up netflix. It said that there was a netflix error, and that it could not connect me to netflix at this time, please try later. I tried a few hours later and it still was not working. I’m not sure if it is just the new xbox or if it is netflix. My laptop wasnt able to connect to netflix yesterday, but today it is working. I just really need my xbox to work with netflix. That’s why I pay for my account! This is stressing me out really badly. :(

  • Sanity

    call netflix they will help you out, you might have to delete netflix and redownload

  • Up For Debate

    currently my netflix has been down for over 24hours.   I live in DE, USA.    connect over PS3.  “we are unable to load netflix at this time”  please continue to pay us as we don’t deliver on our service promises.

    Funny, now it works?    I have tried 5 times over the last 24 hours and now that I bitch about it it starts working on its own.  go figure. literally as i started to type this it was giving me the error messege, I retried and before I could finish typing it was working. 6/21/2010 2:45 pm est

  • Sanity

    Have you tried to call Netflix for help yet? Or even visited their online Twitter account?

  • Jesse Moses

    cant connect to netflix via xbox live

  • playplayj1

    It’s down for PS3 on 6/21/11


  • Heithur Westerfield

    Works on my PC but not on PS3.


    netflix is not working on my roku

  • Heather Hudson

    Netflix appears to be down – I just get an error that it cannot connect to server when I try to access 

  • Tracey Weatherly

    Can’t even access the netflix website at all. :(

  • Justin Reed

    Can’t connect to Netflix. Ever!

  • Toof-less

    “Netflix Site Error
    We were unable to process your request.

    Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.”
    Every time I try to log into the site.

  • Tom Coombs

    Problem downloading instant queue on Samsung TV’s last night.

  • Derek Becker

    Can’t load Netflix instant queue on LG BlueRay player as of 6/22

  • Emmett McDermott

    mine is down on the ps3 it just says we’re unable to connect you to netflix please try again later

  • Jacksonville

    netflix is down for tivo and insignia players right now in dc region.  just called them and they said they have no ETA for it to be up and running.  they also haven’t decided on whether they will issue credit yet.  PCs and cells should be up for instant viewing according to their support.

  • Kernunrex of America

    Haven’t been able to connect on a PS3 since 6-20

  • Sanity

    Have you called Netflix support yet?

  • Stacey Boyd

    Netflix isn’t working on my Roku as of 6/22/11 when it applied an update. Anyone else having any problems?  Roku tech support didn’t now anything.

  • Owen Gill

    I know what you are talking about my Netflix account works fine on my computers but on my PS3 it stops like every 1-2 minutes and says receiving then it starts up and stops again. I have called Netflix and in the past when there was a problem with watching it on my PS3 and all they ever say is have you tried contacting Sony (we all know that’s pointless since Sony doesn’t care about their customers). 

  • Owen Gill

    Mine not down but it stops streaming every 1-2 minutes and says it’s receiving. Does anyone know why this has been happening?

  • Owen Gill

    I have tried, but when I call and say that my PS3 is having problems streaming movies they say it has to do with Sony and that they are sorry but to try and contact Sony (and we all know that’s pointless since Wal-Mart has better customer service that Sony does).

  • Owen Gill

    Mine’s not down but when I stream movies I get constant stoppage problems where it keeps saying it’s receiving, this happens every 1-2 mins. Does anyone else experience this problem?

  • Owen Gill

    I can get on Netflix through my PS3 but every 1-2 minutes (sometimes even less) the movie stops and and says it’s receiving then it starts up again and then repeats this over and over until I finally give up trying to watch my movie. I have been experiencing this problem since portal 2 came out and since Sony got hacked. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? 

  • Jacob Schmitz

    I can’t get netflix to work on my LG BluRay player. Instant Queue is Unavailable. 

  • Yelena Lynne Pearson

    My netflix on my ps3 has been down for about three days.
    I just got off the phone with customer service and she first had me check my date and time settings, which didn’t help. But then she had me run an internet connection test, everything was fine but my netflix is working again. It might have been coincidence, but I thought I would just put it out there for everyone.

  • Brianna Dubois

    I could connect yesterday and the day before, not today… 😐

  • Michael Williams

    netflix is down on m ps3

  • Michael Williams

    netflix is down on my ps3. unable to connect try again later like a million times

  • Tyler Jakes

    Cannot connect to Netflix, even restart off a LG Bluray player.

  • Eric McCormick

    A lot of off again on again for me. Started yesterday evening (that I noticed).

  • Padraic Connelly

    Netflix is unavailable on my Samsung Blu-Ray or Droid X. Working fine on PC.

  • Jonathan Lauderdale

    Can use Netflix from PC but not PS3 as of today. Have tested network and even reinstalled Netflix to no avail.. Error code 400.

  • Marion Healy

    Have been unable to connect to Netflix via PS3 and Wii. However, it works on my iPod. This has been going on for several weeks now. VERY frustrating!! Makes me wonder why I pay for Netflix when I can’t even use it on my tv.

  • Bethany

    Haven’t been able to connect to netflix on my xbox 360 since it went down in may. getting error can’t connect to netflix at this time.

  • kate sadilla

    Won’t load on my PS3 (still! after a whole week!) Is anyone else still having problems?

  • Sanity

    I would delete the Netflix app off your Xbox and redownload it.

  • Sanity

    I would call Netflix support for that one Jonathan

  • Sanity

    Lots of people are reporting this issue on the PS3, so seems to be really widespread. However nobody has actually told me they called Sony or Netflix and found out what the issue actually is.

  • Robert Stratton

    I was receiving a message that my PS3 (the installed app, not the old disc) couldn’t play. I went to the netflix site and my account was in good standing. On a lark, I deactivated my PS3 from the “manage my netflix-ready devices” page, and counterintuitively, the PS3 immediately was able to play. 

  • Sanity

    The PS3 was probably authenticating on old credentials, however it should have asked you to activate it again. I agree that it should have given you more information.

  • Brooke Farnsworth

     netflix keeps saying that it’s updating the streaming quality of everything i try to watch on my ps3. it all streams perfectly from my pc though.

  • Sanity

    My Xbox 360 has also been adjusting quality more often than before. Most of the time it will switch from HD to HD lol. Strange and Annoying @netflixhelps:twitter

  • Michele Strauch

    this is fucking bullshit, why do i pay 9.99 a month just to get connection issues !!!! fuck this bullshit, fuck you netflix…i AM DONE !!!!!!!!!

  • Kaydon Dziewior

    It’s down on my PS3 right now. 6/28/11

  • Rafael

    TO EVERYONE HAVING TROUBLE USING NETFLIX ON THE PS3! under the psn icon go to account managment, dont open it!, click triangle and turn automatic sign in off. turn of the ps3 and open netflix u will be prompted to sign in after that it will work fine

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have a Samsung C6500 LED HDTV, a Boxee Box, and a PS3. Each is connected via Ethernet and our local ISP can only provide 3Mbps. Netflix on the Samsung was the first to go. The PS3 was iffy, but more reliable. The Boxee never let me down. All’s changed as of last weekend. I keep receiving error messages informing me that I’m not connected to the internet. Odd, though, because I can then launch Hulu, Vudu, or YouTube and stream without problems or delays. Now, Netflix won’t launch on any of these three devices, only my desktop Mac and iPad seem to work. I’ve called Samsung, Netflix, Sony, AND my ISP. Little or no helpful information, but each party suggests that the fault is someone else’s. I’m about ready to pitch Netflix (I only use it for streaming) and look for something comparable. Any suggestions? I just watched–uninterrupted–an HD movie via Vudu on the PS3. Video quality was good and there were NO buffering delays. The movie list seems pretty decent, too.

  • Russell Kelley

    PS3 netflix is currently giving ‘unable to connect’ messages. 10:29am EST

    EDIT: service appears to be restored.

  • Anonymous

    In the hope that this problem with Netflix, wherever the fault actually lies, is temporary, I’m putting my subscription “on hold” rather than canceling. Unfortunately, there’s no way to test the service while my account is frozen as I can’t stream or rent DVDs without an active account. I’ve tried talking with Netflix, though, and while the representatives I’ve spoken with are polite to a fault and want to help, none of their suggested remedies (deactivate/reactivate devices, power cycle all devices, power cycle all home network components, etc.) worked at all. I just got tired of trying and felt I was wasting my time.

  • Ray Merritt

    Having problems with service on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3. Keep getting a message that says Error. Please make sure that your device has network connectivity and the Date and Time settings are accurate.

  • Jody & Valerie Hoagland

    Got Netflix down message when movie abruptly ended at 8:46 pm EST. Wow! It came right back up… what’s that about?

  • Tyler

    Just called Netflix customer support.  They are experiencing a partial outage for instant viewing.  One of their servers that connects to apple products is being serviced. 

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the update.

  • Jonathan Garis

    I am having the same issue on all of my PS3s.  I’m in Phoenix.

  • Ken Otero

    Cannot view netflix tonight… using a Sony BluRay Wifi device… contacted Netflix… they say that they are having problems streaming right now & are working to correct it…

  • Lorna Terry

    Just got Netflix on my Sony BluRay back up :)

  • Jack Schrader-Lindsay

    We’re unable to connect you to netflix . Please try again later. 100 on PS3 

  • Dennis Stanley

    Same issue here in TN as well… Computer streaming works fine too. 

  • Jeff Wong

    Authorization Failure….Netflix via windows Media Center Windows 7…WTF. Sick and tired of the fingerpointing between MS and Netflix. Fix it already!

  • Liana

    You were right! My PS3 is streaming Netflix again. Thank you :)
    – Ninaelf

  • Chris Fisher

    Same here.  It has been this way for a few days.  My wife and kid are home for the summer and they are getting pretty frustrated.  I have tried several “fixes” and nothing works.  I am fine on a browser but Media Center Windows 7 is not working for me due to Authorization Failure.

  • Franklin Peach

    +1 Here too. Why does Netflix treat MCE users like 2nd class citizens. We are paying people too! Wife got a bit frustrated at me last night when the Authorization error came up. Spent about an hour trying to fix it with her waiting asking me why I couldn’t get it working!

  • Anonymous

    “Sorry your instant queue is temporarily unavailable”  This error message comes up on both my Samsung Blu-Ray and my Panosonic Viera.  It’s been this way for almost an hour now!

    I am able to watch and connect on my computer browser.

  • Whitney Thornberry

    “Sorry, that video is temporarily unavailable. You should be able to continue streaming in a day….” 
    First only happened when I was trying to watch episodic television on my ipad…then on my Roku, and the computer; also has the same message for movies. However, it does let me select and browse the website, just won’t let anything actually load…

  • JeffB

    Same issue here – I’ve been getting authorization failures for all streaming vides through Windows Media Center (Win 7 32 bit), but they play fine in an internet browser.  This has been going on for the past three days.  I’ve tried every fix I’ve found online, and nothing has fixed the issue.  Very frustrating!

  • Rosemarie

    Netflix still not working on PS3 even with the posted work-around.

  • Brad Householder

    My PS3 netflix connection is not working.  getting the unable to connect message.  So is this a netflix issue?  I love it when I pay for service I cant get.

  • Kimberly Harvey

    I wish I could use Netflix.  It says it could not connect to Netflix on my PS3, even with the workaround attempt. =(

  • Sanity

    Contact Netflix and let us know how it goes.

  • Trevor Foster

    I was just having a problem with netflix and my ps3 yesterday and today.  I looked around and saw a fix for another netflix device was making sure the date and time were correct.  Mine was a day off and an hour early.  In systems settings for PS3 I updated the date and time via the internet.  It only fixed the date. I then had to turn on daylight savings time.   It fixed the time. I didn’t work until  I rebooted the machine and now I am finally in my instant queue.  (I don’t know if this has been mentioned, I only read the first few comments)

  • Pete Griffin

    For several weeks now I get “we’re unable to connect you to netflix” on my PS3.  Re-downloaded Netflix, turned off auto-update, fixed the clock. Nothing.  Any other ideas?

  • Anonymous

    PS3 netflix users: Rafael is wrong and horrible at explaining things. Here you go:
    1) select Quit to exit any applications.2) On the PlayStation3 main menu XMediaBar, navigate to Settings.3) Select Date and Time Settings.4) Select Date and Time.5) Click Set via Internet.6) Try Netflix again.?

  • gabby pena

    my netflix keeps acting up on my ps3 and my wii it has been for the last 2 days .. it keeps saying retrieving and it takes forever and when w.e im trying to watch actually starts the “retrieving” comes up again i did the time and date via internet but it seems to not be working >=( wtf !!!

  • Betty

    Having trouble getting Netflix on my iPhone and Wii. 1.) (The iPhone) I was in the middle of watching something when it cut off…and now it says “error please make sure that your device has network connectivity and the date and time settings are accurate”.  Everything is right…and I have connectivity to my router.  What do I need to do to get it working again? 2.) (the Wii)  Also, my Wii and Netflix suck.  I can get access to Netflix thru the Wii just fine.  But it reloads the movie SEVERAL times…so it is pointless to even try to use.  What do I do to fix this as well?

  • Sanity

    Have you tried to contact Netflix and asked them?

  • Laurie Sibbett

    My system time was off by a few minutes on the PS3.  Couldn’t get Netflix to run after four tries.  Settings > Date & Time and set the time by internet and then launched again and it worked after several moments of it “thinking”.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is currently down for Netflix ready devices.  PC’s and PS3’s work.  No ETA on resolution

  • Christine Boling Cash

    Keep getting “unable to connect to netflix” even though blu ray is connected to the internet.

  • Anonymous

    works on my PC, but not on my Sharp Aquos for the last 2 hours

  • rob!

    it didnt work with the time settings thing (on ps3) :(

    update: after changing the date & time to internet, i tried and showed me the error message, i clicked “try again” and it worked.
    i’ll keep you posted what happens after a day.

  • MercTV

    samsung bluray netflix down for past two hours. my iphone and wii currently work.

  • Tanya

    my samsung bluray netflix is down right now, too.  PS3 works okay.  Any idea what the issue is and when it’ll be resolved?

  • Anonymous

    PS3 Netflix is just hanging – was watching until about 9 pm then when tried to go back and watch something, nothing doing – tried to call, but it said wait time was 18 minutes – obviously a lot of unhappy people, and when I did call automated voice just said call back later – unacceptable to pay for a service that is intermittent

  • Alicia Smith

    Netflix isn’t working on our PS3 since around 9 pm.

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the update

  • Linda Menck

    What the hell is going on with Netflix streaming tonight? So pissed off!

  • Anonymous

    Glad it’s not just me.

    I can stream from the net, but not via my iPad and it’s royally upsetting me. I’m mid-series. 😐 Lol.

  • Brendan Dean

    this worked for me, thanks…time for some Angry Beavers!!

  • Nick Iliff

    PS3 is working again as of 11:15pm EST

  • James

    Netflix streaming is working on my PC but not my Sony Bravia TV.  Started last night around 11pm and has not worked this morning.

  • Christopher Svehla

    Netflix isn’t working on my PS3 as of 5:28pm EST.

  • Christopher Svehla

    Now it’s working as of 5:52pm EST.

  • Nick Iliff

    Down again. WTF

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get it to stream the last two days…9 and 10 July 2011.  Checking the settings on my Samsung blu ray player and it shows excellent connection.  Come on Netflix…what am I paying for?  Do I get a discount for the number of days it’s offline?

  • John Nugent

    Can’t get Tivo or PS3 to stream for past 10 days.  Works on iPad.  Have not tried on Wii lately.

  • Matt Paas

    netflix is down (houston texas) can’t access through xbox 360 console, or go to the website on my laptop booooo!!!

  • Anonymous

     netflix on my computer has been down for days, seems to be down alot, considering canceling and looking for other services, canceled satelite for netflix, thought to be a good move?  

  • Elizabeth Pantalone

    Can’t stream Netflix on my XBOX360. Can, however, stream on laptop.

  • Jonathan

    netflix is down on my computer

  • Anonymous

    I have had great success with Netflix over the years.  Over the last few days, my streaming of films has been very poor.  I can’t seem to finish films I’ve streamed successfully in the past.  I’ve got a 12MB connection, I GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 video card.  I’ve done diagnostics on all aspects, but everything tests OK?  Is anyone else having major interruptions lately who have had success in the past?  Netflix says everything is fine on their side. 

  • Adam

    my Netflix is down on both my Apple TV and my iPhone, but it works on my laptop fine. I get the message “Netflix is currently unavailable. Please try again later” on my Apple TV and the message “Service Temporarily Unavailable” on my iPhone.

  • Patrick La Roque

    Netflix is down in canada on both Apple TV and PS3. Also gives me a login error when I try to access the website.

  • Lance

    Can’t stream on Xbox360 but can on Google box.

  • KelseyRain Rascon

    it keeps saying “we’re unable to connect you to netflix” ughhh

  • Roy

    my netflixs is down on my ps3 and wii i tried it all reset the clock, delete netflix and reinstall still says the same says unable to connect you to netflixs try again

  • Roy

    damn them and they want a 60% increase thats Bull Shit

  • Jesse Potts

    Netflix streaming is down on my Wii.

  • Lucas Gutterman

    Same here.

  • Thomas Brain

    down on PS3

  • William Hatfield

    netflix on my ps3 is down, but works on my pc

  • Bert Sayers

     Vizio TV Netlix widget says “Unable to connect to Netflix” for about the last 20 minutes. I can stream via the laptop. It was working fine earlier today.

  • Bert Sayers

    Just called the service number for Netflix. I recording played that said they were experiencing an unusual volume of calls and was told to call back later. The line was then disconnected.

  • Kent Napier

    Netflix on my PS3 down, but working on my PCs. Tried all the normal fixes with no luck.

  • SPlDER

    yea..same here

  • SPlDER

    works on my PC but not on my PS3

  • khevn

    All of a sudden, “We are unable to connect netflix at this time” appears on my ROKU player!!!

  • Chaz

    getting “we’re unable to connect you to Netflix” error message on XBOX360

  • Abraham Camacho

    experiencing the same problem here in Los Angeles on a ps3
    works on pc

  • Anonymous


  • Kollin Spenrath

    It still says it was unable to connect. The solution didn’t work.

  • Zach Stolle

    netflix isnt working on my xbox 360

  • First

    unable to login. It takes me to the main screen and then automatcally logs me out when I click anything.

  • Dan

    Service is down on my ps3, wii, and pc. Customer servie number hangs up on you.

  • Niki Lloyd

    Getting the “unable to connect you on XBOX 360” message, and cannot even access account on netflix website.

  • Cindy Scott

    Service is down on Roku. Works on my computer. Frustrating!

  • Robert Schlein

    I can not connect to Netflix as of July 17  6PM.   Seems the corporate Execs at NetFlix have gotten a bit too arrogant with the price spikes and the streaming service so unreliable.  Time to sell the stock.

  • Mari Hayter

    Getting the “unable to connect you on XBOX 360” message…

  • Antionette

    Netflix is down!!!!!

  • Catlin Newton

    Service is down on my PS3 and Droid. Seems to work on PC.

  • Frances Robinson

    Same here in ABQ, NM.

  • Collin Vail

    Down for me too. Long Beach, California as of at least 2 or 3 pst.

  • Dana Thomas

    Ditto in Portland, OR

  • Collin Vail

    Ment to say it’s down on my 360. Works on the pc.

  • Joy Jaramillo

    Same in SoCal

  • Anonymous

    Down in NJ on my ROKU. “We are unable to connect to Netflix at this time …” Works on PC.

  • Paul Aubin

    Out in Northern Virginia using roku.

  • Anonymous

    Down in Columbus, OH.

  • Rodger Lozada

    i cant connect to netflix bkus it keeps saying

  • Moisés Rosado

    down on apple tv too

  • Eddie Cathcart

    works on pc, not on xbox 360. south jersey.

  • Mike Draper

    I can’t log in from my brand new Ipad or my iphone that was working a couple of hours ago.

  • iris bull

    Eugene, OR — xbox is down, too. 😛

  • Anonymous

    same in pittsburgh on ps3

  • John Garchow

    xbox360 netflix is down here in michigan

  • Tim Bates

    out on ps3+central fla

  • Angel Bimbo Lopez

    not on ps3

  • Sarah

    360 slim netflix unable to connect

  • Derek Johnson

    down in iowa, shitty service

  • Brittany Garrett

    360 down in NC

  • Derek Green

    Netflix is Down in Utah :(

  • Kitty Richards

    out for ps3 in san diego, ca

  • Frances Robinson

    Netflix is working on my PC — ABQ, NM

  • Anonymous

    Out in SLC, UT on PS3, working on Computer

  • Frances Robinson

    Whoops — spoke too soon.  Down again.

  • Anonymous

    Down in Huntsville Al :(

  • Glenn G

    netflix is unable to connect in Hawaii 
     july 17, 2011

  • Tag

    Can’t connect on our PS3 or Roku in Vermont.

  • Joel Penner

    PS3 in Canada down.

  • Salman Akram

    LG TV is not working – PC is working (Dallas, TX)

  • Courtney Conant

    Just came up on my Wii, still down on my xbox and my phone. It’s being really sketchy on the computer.

  • Joshua Mann

    PS3 down in Wyoming

  • Anonymous

    xbox 360 is down in MI

  • Nikki Moore

    Netflix is down on XBOX 360; Florida. Instant que works but not the Search option or anything else.

  • Colby Norway

    Down in NW Connecticut for xbox 360 or PS3

  • Anonymous

    down in virginia on ps3

  • Brittany Krueger

    down in wi on xbox

  • Anonymous

    netflix is unable to connect on Roku in Ohio

  • tripph

    Down in IL on PS3

  • Roger Corrie

    Can’t get in from my ROKU boxes and have to reset password everytime I want to get in from PC

  • Scarchin

    Netflix roku streaming down in NH since at least 7:30 ET.
    So – this is what the price increase will get us?

  • zenbob

    We get the following message for the last hour plus: 

    “Unable to connect to NETFLIX at this time” plus the usual comments about help and system…but all other streaming services via ROKU are working fine.  We are in the Central Coast of California which for now is still in the USA.

  • Shelby Gray

    Unable to connect to Roku in Houston.

  • Colby Norway

    Massive authentication issues via PC…reset password…lets me to account level…but when trying to stream…asks me for password and tells me I’m not a member.

  • Jack Hutton

    Netflix has been down since around 6 p.m. ET on PS3, in New York.

  • Michael

    same exact problem

  • Anonymous

    xbox down in utah

  • Caitlyn DiVincenzo

    Netflix Streaming down on XBOX and PC in New York

  • Brendan Morrison

    getting an error message for the past few hours “we’re unable to connect you to netflix. please try again later.” ive tried uninstalling and then re installing netflix on my hard drive as in the past ive done this and has fixed this problem but now it is not.

  • Nancy Foley

    completely down, couldn’t even bring it up online.  Tried again and I can view streaming through PC but not through LG blu-ray.  Blu-ray just keeps scrolling for titles, to no avail. Making it an easy decision to stay with mailed disk only and drop streaming.  Thx Netflix!

  • Michael Cornelius

    Down at 7:05 CDT, PS3, Nebraska.

  • Emanuel Landsman

    Down completely (cannot access any titles) via Samsung SMARTTV – 1930 EST

  • Pla R

    Down at 7:10pm CDT, Xbox

  • Anonymous

    alexandria, va
    netflix ‘unable to connect’ on blu ray
    crashes my firefox everytime I hit play on laptop netflix..

    ok so.. hiked up prices; service doesnt even work – that makes sense (<sarcasm)

  • Jennifer Cisney Huffman

    down in fl on ps3

  • Aaron Dayton

    I think it has something to do with logging in.  On my laptop (running chrome browser) Netflix loads fine and allows me to select and play titles, but just like everyone else my ps3 is down (no cookies for the login credentials).

    1717 PST

  • Katherine Eudy

    Baltimore, MD
    Outage for at least 1 hour
    Connecting through Samsung Bluray Player
    First the error read “we are unable to connect to Netflix”
    Now the app is clocking “getting titles…”
    Netflix “Problem Watching Instantly” says it is an error with my Bluray player or internet connection.  Both are working normally.
    I am able to access Instant online and play titles.
    I attempted to call Customer Service at 1-866-716-0414, but the line is busy.

  • Anonymous

    netlix down in missouri on ps3, works fine on blue ray player and computer.  this has happened too many times for the ps3, may have to rethink which platform i use. :(

  • josh

    you would think for a 60% price increase people would enjoy a 60% performance increase, not so. Netflix down in Spokane WA, 5:17pm.

  • Ken Adkins

    yup down in Knoxville, TN ps3 netflix is down. they charge me TWICE today and still tells me i am not member! 

  • Anonymous

    Down at 5:00 P.M. PDT Roku

  • Tyler Murphy

    I am having the same exact issues. Netflix will not connect via ps3 and when I try to login via PC it says The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

  • Debbie Anderson


  • Ashley

    Streaming down on xbox in DC area at 8:33 p.m. Eastern

  • Lawrence Taylor-Duncan

    Down in Madison, AL at 7PM. Website very sluggish. Can’t see any of 3 activated devices listed on my account!

    My ROKU, Apple TV and Wii report Netflix is unavailable

  • Anonymous

    down in Montana.  I tired at 4pm and have been trying ever since.  Got the movie menu up but when I picked a movie the  error code 300 came on again.  How long do these streaming black outs usually last.  Amazon is working fine.  SO this is definitely Netflix.

  • Steve Gager

    Down in WY on roku but up on laptop (like i want to use a laptop rather than my tv). hulu is fine amazon is fine i may have to find a new service soon…

  • Chris A.


  • Amanda Simmerman

    Netflix has been down in Orlando since 6:00P EST.

  • Anonymous

    down in NC

  • Anonymous

    Will not access on PS3.. when i try to log into on my computer, says my information providing incorrect, which is BS..  it allowed me to change my password then would not allow me to select a movie without logging in.  Tried logging in then said had wrong account info.   Dallas Texas

  • LaNea

    Can’t get on Netflix with my Wii or my Laptop,Gig Harbor WA July 17.

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez

    down in nyc only xbox360

  • Chris A.


  • Caitlinmalice

    Down in Southern California, 5:45

  • Still in School

    Can’t get Netflix on my Roku since 8:30 pm.  I’m 40 miles west of Atlanta, almost in Alabama. Roku gets Amazon and Crackle just fine.  Netflix automatic troubleshooting on their website said it found no problem and to contact Roku.  

  • Steve Alten

    Down on Roku & Apple  in Oregon.  Works on PC.

  • Linda

    down in Portland, ME

  • Anonymous

    down in PA. Tried to reset password online. This took almost 15 minutes since their servers seem to be having issue. Finally was able to reset password and log into my account but still not able to view videos online or on my PS3

  • Lexx B

    down in Virginia 7/17/11 8:51 p.m. Log0in fail (writes my password is incorrect)

  • Chris Vanornum

     Netflix down here in Vermont

  • Bill

    netflix down in buffalo ny for ps3 n computer. tried to update password n was successful but still cant get in account or view instantly over pc or ps3

  • avstern

    Down in Boston, MA Oppo-93 Blue ray player at 8:55pm.

  • silverpen

    netflix unable to connect on XBOX 360. deleted and re-installed all files, and still no fix. my netflix account also lost all saves intant queue, and the last 2 years of billing info, multiple password failures and resets. the policy change really messed everything up

  • Partha Narayanaswami

    Roku returns ‘Unable to connect to Netflix at this time. Try again later” in NJ

  • Sarah

    Netflix down in MA, on computer and PS3 but Wii is fine…weird.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is down in Kansas for Xbox and PC…

  • Trevor Allen Thorson

    Down in Denver on PS3

  • Nathan Hale

    its down on the Potawatomi Rez in Kansas.  Works on my laptop but not my PS3

  • Teresa Stephens

    Down since 4:30 in TX – phone help is just a busy signal

  • Nathan Hale

    Bad week for Netflix…..better work on yer PR skills.  Charge more for this?

  • Oussama El Guennouni

    “unable to connect to netflix at this time. Try again later”- NORTHEN VIRGINIA


  • Robbie Tesfa

    Down on my Xbox since 7pm in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It works perfectly on my iMac though.

  • Edward Roscow

    It don`t let me login on my computer.

  • Anonymous

    “unable to connect to netflix at this time. Try again later” on Roku box (for last hour, at least) – Portland, OR

  • Anonymous

    LG Blu Ray works great, but Xbox is not working here in California since I 1st checked at 2:00 pm PST.  I was on phone with Microsoft and they tried many things to fix issue.  Netflix says that the issue is with Microsoft… :(

  • Phil The King

    The ”Kilmode” PS3 trick did not work for me and now it just load without anything going on. I’m sad.

  • joanne duncan

    appletv down 8:21 Oklahoma

  • Carlos Cortes

    Netflix down, PC, APPLE TV, PS3 and XBOX

  • Carlos Cortes

    neither in my!

  • Anonymous

    down for xbox in ny, 7/17/11, since early evening…

  • Mackenzie

    Ugh netflix isnt working.. im sad! why!?!

  • AndreaW

    Xbox 360 – “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later.” Just got the message today have been a netflix member since 11/08 and have never had this issue before. The website that is says to go to does not either work/exist.

  • Dorian Park

    down in wilmington north carolina since 4.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t connect on my Apple TV, iPad, or Android phone. I can’t sign into my account either.

  • Elisabeth Long

    Roku player down — Louisiana, 8:31

  • Jhanaul Johnson

    Down for my ps3 in AL, 7/17/11, since around 8. I tried Killmode’s solution, but it didn’t work. It was streaming perfectly, until after I finished my movie (Star Trek), then while I was looking for another one, the info for the DVDs became blank, so I quit out and I got the unable to connect screen 

  • Mr.David C

    xbox 360: i got the message “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later.”  went to the page and found nothing helpful. dont know why and when i can recover the connection:(

  • Jon

    down for xbox live in Toronto, just found problem (same as mentioned in other comments from around this time) at 9:30 pm eastern.  netflix website says service is working as it should but judging from the other comments that’s not the case

  • Alex Gram

    Works on my laptop, not on my Xbox or google blu ray

  • Anonymous

    Xbox 360 – “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later.”
    Just got the message today have been a netflix member since 11/08 and
    have never had this issue before. The website that is says to go to does
    not either work/exist.

  • Krispi Williams

    PS3 won’t connect. 7/17/11. California.

  • Krispi Williams

    i had the same problem.

  • Matthew

    Been down for a few hours for me. PS3, California. Sad month for Netflix users.

  • Jon Furniss

    PS3, Xbox 360, and iPad all down.
    PC service currently working for me.
    7/17/11 AZ

  • Anonymous

    PS3 and Roku box down for netflix (oklahoma) but a friend said it is working fine on the wii…. i was able to get thru to the cust service only to be told “we are experiencing higher than normal call volume right now, please call back later” and then it hangs up

  • Eric L

    Roku player down since 5pm, Arkansas

  • Skip

    you are almost doubling the cost of your service but your interface is experiencing more problems than ever? My service goes in and out on a weekly basis. Its been error code after error code and an increase in monthly cost seems ridiculous. The concept of Netflix is great but 90 percent of you instant movies are way before my time and im 26. Either update your movie selection or you may be losing a ton of customers due to the increase.

  • Shawn Talbot

    down canada for my ps3, 7/17/11.  
    First tried about 9:20 est

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Netflix down here too; NOLA

  • Erik John Salvucci

    Bull shit… All of a sudden it won’t work on my PS3.You’re going to up the price and lower the service. Good job Netflix, way to care about your customer.

  • Stephen Hayes

    Down in Alabama since 6:30 central let me sign in finally, but then went back to can’t connect

  • Karen Ross

    Down all afternoon in Alaska

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down in Southern Illinois and none of the suggestions they have given have worked.  At all. This makes me angry because they are going to either all streaming or all disc (unless you want to pay a bunch more) and when this stuff happens, it sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Cannot get it on my blu-ray or Xbox, but can on my laptop.  I wasn’t able to login for a while either, but can now.

  • Aja Barnett

    Down in VA; tried to get on my 360 kinect yet because it says “Unable to connect to Netflix.” I am on netflix on my laptop and it pisses me off! I have been trying since 7:30 to get on my 360!

  • Will Carr

    netflix down in kentucky, cant connect on my xbox, but works fine on the computer

  • Will Carr

    probalbly just have to wait it out

  • Grate Balls Afire

    Netflix down on Xbox 360 in Louisville, KY as of 8 p.m.

  • Wesley Betenson

    streaming reliability has been crap for the last 2-3 months for sure… netflix might want to up their game right along with the price… otherwise their business may just stream its way down the toilet.

  • Jennifer Marie Zeares

    Netflix down on PS3 and Xbox in Dallas, Texas.

  • OztheBoz7

    Netflix has been down on my xbox for the last 2 hours here in North Dakota.  Very annoying.

  • ME

    Netflix streaming is down for non-computer devices such as Apple TV.  I can stream to my iMac and MBP, but not the ATV.

  • Bonnie

    I’m unable to connect on my Samsung blu-ray. Was working around 4pm. I logged off and then came back at about 5 pm (California) and I get an unable to connect error msg. Stil not working ow, 2.5 hrs later. My Mac Powerbook Pro works just fine though…

  • AgentX

    down in florida on ps3 since 5pm EST, its now 10:17

  • HughA

    Netflix appears to be down on Xbox 360 Live, Birmingham, AL 9:30pm (CST)

  • Stephen Crane

    Netflix down on PS3 in Pittsburgh.  Been having problems all night.

  • Janet Quirk

    From Eastern Long Island, New York:  Netflix on Roku box not streaming tonight 7/17 since early evening (approx 7pm).

  • Steve Singletary

    Xbox 360 Down and Samsung DVD not working

  • Sara A

    Phoenix, AZ Netflix on Xbox 360 is down 

  • Damian Gonzalez

    Netflix down Xbox 360 since 4:00 PT here on Riverside Ca

  • Melody KirkWagner

    7/17/11 7:43pm PDT – completely unavailable

  • Christopher Kroupa

    Lake Jackson, TX PS3 Netflix down

  • Laurence

    Netflix recording (1-866-716-0414) says they have streaming problems with non-computer devices

  • C Wadkins

    Bellingham WA Netflix on Xbox 360 is down

  • Precious

    Las Cruces, NM Netflix unable to connect via ROKU box. Has been down for three hours now atleast.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down for xbox 360 “Wer unable to connect you to netflix please try again later” jacksonville Florida ugh netflix BLOOOOOWWWSSSS

  • Dick Butterer

    All devices down (1 Roku player, 1 Wii Player, 2 Apple TV’s, iPhone via Netflix app) yet two computers accessing it ok. 7/17/2011. Been out for over 6 hours. In mid coast Maine

  • dharma Farm

    netflix on roku via comcast is down, Hoquiam WA

  • Roxy Horror

    Netflix not working on Xbox 360 “please try again later.” 

  • Harrison L. Michelson

    Netflix on 360 via Verizon is still down. Harrisburg, PA

  • bobo barton

    Xbox Netflix down in Ca. Can access on PC but not Xbox. 7/17/2011 8:00pm Pacific time

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down on Xbox360. Been down all afternoon. PC’s access okay. Chicago, IL. 

  • Stephen Hayes

    10:00 central and it’s back up in Alabama

  • Felipe Lugo

    Netflix is down for iPhone, iPods, PS3 but working via PC and Mac

  • AnthonyL

    It worked for me!! PS3 Was not working,  I deleted Netflix and reinstalled and then went to Time and Date Settings VIA Internet, now it works 

  • Mike Istre

    XBOX 360 Down 7-17-11 
    10:03 PM CST

  • Mike Istre

    Update. Completely freezes XBOX, now have to hard reset the xbox when trying to log in.

  • Anonymous

    11:08pm Netflix on PS3 down in Northern Kentucky Area

  • Micah Crosby

    Roku down, 7/17/11.

  • Anonymous

    Down in Phoenix AZ on my xbox 360

  • Christopher Hemmerling

    Wasnt working for PS3, but I set my date and time from the internet, and it worked like a charm.

  • Shirley Knott Simmons-McCall

    Netflix down! Seems like when I want to watch it, it’s down. Dothan, AL They must be having a lot of problems with streaming everywhere.

  • Nathan Hale

    Was able to get into netflix on PS3 for a sec then if froze and is not working.  Also not working on my laptop anymore.   I ditched my Direct TV only to rely on internet and netflix for entertainment.  Looks like I gotta find something new.  Especially if they are planning on raising the price by 60%. Business need to realize that you cant count on customer loyalty if you cant be loyal to your customer.

  • Christopher Kroupa

    On PS3, deleted and reinstalled Netflix, works now.
    Seems they added “New Releases to Watch Instantly” section. That was probably the culprit, a lot of the lists aren’t populating for me, but my Instant Queue is working and I can watch the videos.

  • Marc Cruz

    Down on my 360, and i was going to cancel my cable. If this keeps up there is no way. 

  • Kyle

    Working for PS3 now in southern California! Menus are a little sluggish, but streaming is working great!

  • Tyler Thulin

    Still down on Roku but working on PS3. Make sure you enable DST after setting time to auto on PS3  Tulsa, OK

  • Benjamin Lyon

    Just got the menu up for the first time on my 360.

  • Mike Istre

    WII definitely works.  On xbox 360 it hard locks forcing hard reset.

  • Sanity

    Yeah I think they are in the process of restoring service now.

  • Tim Rossette

    I have partial service on Roku.  Instant Queue only.

  • Steve Wass

    Seems like it is back up for PS3- Maryland 11:45PM

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down on Roku with message “try to connect later” But laptop able to stream netflix movies okay? Very strange? deactivated Roku and reactivated but no difference? Any ideas.I’m around Wilmington, NC

  • khevn

    Back up on ROKU in Oakland, CA….

  • Priya Vaidyanath

    Netflix is down on Google TV. 

  • Fitzroy Simms

    i cannot connect to my tv,its telling me to try again,please help me i need to watch movies.
    thank you.

  • Fitzroy Simms

    i cannot connect to my tv.

  • Jhanaul Johnson

    Back up on PS3 in Alabama

  • Collin Vail

    Up on 360. 10:05 pst.

  • Viva Astrid

    Portland, OR unable to connect with my Vizio tv however can watch movies on my mac (tiny screen) Oh! was also unable to watch Buffalo 66 it said “this title is not available” However I’m watching it on my mac. 

  • Starlene Newcomb

    Down on Xbox 360. Idk if its just my console or everyones.

  • Collin Vail

    Down on 360 1:07 pm pst.

  • Brian Kirk

    Down in St. Louis on my Roku

  • kc9eci

    Down near La Crosse, WI on my Roku.  Roku can access Hulu and other streaming services.  Netflix is fine on my ipod touch and computer, just not the Roku.

  • Jennifer Cisney Huffman

    down again!

  • toptierney


  • toptierney


  • toptierney


  • Stephanie Kurita

    down for ipad app and online streaming

  • Bigfroth

    netflix streaming down

  • Ivory Cross

    unable to connect to netflix, I am using clear 

  • Anonymous

    Netflix streaming down. Firefox renders JSON. Safari and iPad render HTML.

  • Anonymous

    Second night this week Netflix is down. Is Netflix a scam or what????

  • Anonymous

    netflix streaming down in pittsburgh on ps3…again…and again.

  • Joana Pujol

    is down

  • Joana Pujol

    10:41 pm here in Miami, Florida.  Netflix streaming down again! for the second night this week. What is going on????? this is not good.

  • Virginia

    Down Again on 360. They up prices and cut service. What’s the deal?

  • Anonymous

    Netflix says “cannot connect, try again later” on my Xbox

  • Sanity

    Seems to me like Netflix is still experiencing growing pains

  • Goobler Mcgee

    Down again… Every other frikin time I sit down to stream something its down.  I don’t know if its Netflix or Amazons cloud crap Netflix uses that can’t keep up or crashes.  I suspect its the Amazon cloud as I know other people who use it and it pretty much sucks ass. I use a WDTV and an Xbox 360.

  • Anonymous

    Is down in Victoria, BC Canada. Also, I had trouble acquiring a stream last night on one particular new movie. I have confirmed internet connectivity. Client: Denon DMP1611

  • David Brown

    My Samsung TV cannot connect.  Test of Playon reports: “Unable to test Neflix login:  Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

  • Nick M

    down on ps3… stuck on retrieving… 

  • Dev Gupta

    Down on Xbox right now, probably not fixed from yesterday

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is down. Watched a program and then couldn’t get into another. Connect through PS3 to TV. Mine also went down the night of 07/17/11 and I got a 3% discount on my next bill for the inconvenience. This is getting old.

  • Kyle Laracey

    down on vizio, worked yesterday

  • Allison Goldfein

    Not working on my ipad, was searching for a movie now have white screen that says service unavailable 

  • Anonymous

    down in NC 7-21-2011 @ 8:30 pm using Xbox 360

  • Goobler Mcgee

    Yup…down again today.  And we get to pay more for this  now….  ugh

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t get streaming on my iPad2 Thurday, 7-21-11, and just now (Sat, 7-23, 11:30 am) still could not get streaming on my iPad2.

  • Hunter Lynn

    Cant start playback on Xbox. 7-23-11

  • nikki fleurette snyder

    Netflix down Google blu ray  cant connect!

  • nikki fleurette snyder

    Netflix is down :( Sony Google bluray wont connect

  • Anonymous

    I was able to sign on this evening, Sunday, 7-24, 7:28 pm, using my iPad2.

  • Anonymous

    Correction on my last post.  I could get to the titles, but then I could not execute any title.  The same problem:  “There was a problem loading your lists.  Try again?”  Total crap.  I already got a 3% credit last week.  We all should get more credit.

  • lia

    Not working on xbox 360!!!

  • Anonymous

    Iron Man 2 won’t start on my Samsung TV. On my browsers (Chrome and IE), it starts but the conversation audio track is almost mute (extremely feeble). You can hear the music and sound effects but not anyone’s speech. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • joe mulumba

    no freaking streaming on netflix for the last two days!!! can’t be charged for this!!!

  • Anonymous

    I got 3 others to verify Iron Man 2 behavior, and they all have the same audio problem. So it does seem like that one has an encoding problem.  I’ve reported it, and I hope they reoslve it soon.

  • Sean Ford

    and yet again this happens for every move I try……….

    The webpage at is currently unavailable. It may be overloaded or down for maintenance.Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.HTTP Error 503 (Service Unavailable): The server is currently unable to handle the request. This code indicates this is a temporary condition, and the server will be up again after a delay.

  • Dawn Reed

    My netflix on my xbox 360 is down but does not give error code and says please try again later or go to www. this is sooo frustrating to my children!

  • Sanity

    Have you contacted support? I have had no problems with Netflix on my 360 tonight.

  • Jenette Downing

    The queue for both instant and dvd are both showing empty, earlier today I had over 150+ in each. Anyone else got this problem?

  • Anonymous

    Shows everything but I go to click a movie on my xbox and it just makes a sound and doesnt go anywhere. 

  • Jenette Downing

    It was all back there when I checked 12 hours later, guess it was a temporary server error?

  • Chad Marmon

    can’t get past 2% tonight using the browser version, although its working fine on my iPhone.

  • Melody Ann Ross

    I can’t login to Netflix with my Xbox this morning :/

  • T D

    I can’t login to Netflix with my Xbox 360 this morning but was on it last night

  • wraith808

    Can’t log in to Netflix with my xbox 360 today.

  • ashl-oo

    says xbox error 1 that it cant login into netflix

  • Josh

    xbox error 1 and then later Netflix unavailable… thumb down!

  • Alex Raileanu

    I guess Netflix for Xbox 360 is still down… despite working just fine on PC or iPhone.

  • Samantha Dellinger

    This morning Netflix on the XBOX was working and then when i tried it again it said The Error 1 thing and it still is…Ugh 

  • aaron saari

    Same error here on Xbox 360. . and of course on a day I am home sick . . fantastic. . WTF?!

  • Nick Jones

    unable to log into Netflix on my xbox360. got an error code 1. deleted the app from my xbox, deactivated devices on netflix,com. once i download the app on the 360 i get a request for a live update. it updates. after that every time i get into the netflix app it says it is unable to connect to netflix. but i can skip right over to my samsung BD player and it works great. luckily i have the option. very frustrating.

  • Trevor Sawyer

    Home for lunch and watch a show – Error 1. Home from work now, same error. Reading online to try this and that – have tried it all including uninstalling app on the xbox and reinstalling. Doing this now gives me the temporarily unavailable message.

  • Anonymous

    Service is down.  I have tried all of the recommended fixes to no avail.

    Connecting through Xbox 360.  Service has been down for over 12 hours.

  • starkissed pixie

    xbox 360 keeps showing error.

  • Edu Espiritu

    Yo like when in the hell will Xbox/Netflix fix this damn problem?

  • Сарах Аудиторе

    it’s now back up on xbox 360

  • AZ Equalizer

    Service is down tried both PS3 and a netflix enabled TV

  • Anonymous

    Back up on the 360 I guess.

  • Jeremy Halbert

    Still not working on the Xbox 360 for me.

  • Melody Jones

    has been down for 2 days for me my son is not happy about it either lol ive tried everything possible and nothing so must be a netflix issue if both the 360 and PS3 are having issues

  • Anonymous

    isnt working on my xbox yet

  • Rob

    Netflix is down again today on Xbox 360

  • Brent Simpson

    Still not working for my Xbox…

  • Jeremy Dunn

    I have been having the same problems.  I have deleted and redownloaded at least three times since yesterday.  I have also been having problems with the ESPN app, too.  Every event says it is “unable to play content.”

  • WilDog, Willo, Woodrow

    No Netflix pages will load other than Instant, including account pages.  I changed my service to DVD only until their instant catalog improves, and I can’t even get to DVD pages, or my own queue.  Just the instant catalog is loading now–not even their own home page.

  • Kimberly Dempsey

    I cant get it to load on my Wii.  All other wifi on Wii works but it tells me it cant connect to Netflix when I try to connect via my Wii.

  • Flight Tr

    PS3: Netflix loads the red Netflix screen and gets stuck there and locks up the system. Can’t even turn it off. My 2 y.o. daughter is really bummed because she watches that TV in the morning. It workes OK on the Wii. This started yesterday and continues…

  • Jeremy Dunn

    Well it finally allowed me to get a new code on my 360, but then, it froze two times.  About an hour later @ 6:00, it finally worked.  I can finally watch Netflix again on my Xbox 360.

  • Anonymous

    netflix on ps3 looked just as it does over the computer able to pick genre different types of horror and comedy was also seperated between stand up and slap stick etc etc.  Now its back to normal which i do not like but deal with. whats up with this 

  • Nick Jones

    update on 360: looks like it’s back up. reactivated my xbox and it is working fine now.

  • Ashley Anne Foster

    netflix is saying on my google tv unable to connect.  What do I do to fix it. 

  • Eric Koeppen

    Can’t get it to connect with my samsung blu-ray player. Says that it’s not connected to the internet; but other apps work just fine. I’m not alone in this issue.

  • Nichole Scull

    Tried to connect to Netflix at 10:30P, saying it can’t find the server….how come every time I want to watch something on Netflix…. It doesn’t want to work! What is going on???

  • Chris Buis

    Yeah, netflix is down again. Why does this happen so often. I know you guys are doubling the price or whatever, honestly, If you guys raise the price, you lose my $.

  • David Gochberg

    cannot reach netflix by android app or web on pc. not even a 404 error. 

  • Chris Buis

    can’t even access it on my laptop this time. I normally use my ps3, but when this happens, it will usually work on my laptop. Netflix, you are gay. 

  • steven tate

    Cant open the login page, however the signup for new customers is running…

  • Eric Apel

    netflix servers returning an error when trying to stream on my bluray player.  Netflix website won’t load for some reason either.

  • mshaffer8

    Was watching a movie and Netflix quit at 10:30 PM EST.  Can’t find server.  Can’t log back in either.

  • Jen Haden

    Can’t connect through the Wii or their website…WTF???  I pay for a service I expect to work.

    as of 10:50pm EST…

  • Sean McKim

    Can’t connect through xbox or pc, but still running on the Wii

  • Andrew

    Can’t connect

  • Myrtle Pitts

    netflix crashed on roku at 9:30 cst…can’t log back on and it freezes up our device.

  • Victor Terrero

    can’t connect through my vizio tv, xbox 360, nor the pc. 

  • Kevin McNamara

    Crashed halfway through a show.  No luck on wifi or 4G, tried iPod, Android and PC

  • Amy Lamy

    I was in the middle of watch my show on my labtop and it just stops and everytime i go to the netflix home page it says i have no internet connect. This is getting old. This has happened almost every night latley

  • Adina Pernell

    Netflix is down! Was right in the middle of searching a title and all of a sudden I can’t even pull up the website on my browser. At first I thought it was my internet connection, but nope, I can pull up every other webpage I visit except for netflix.

  • Parker Young

    can’t connect – canada, calgary

  • rm

    can’t conmect pc android pansonic blue ray gona have to chase wife kids gone

  • Kammy Snyder Jergens

    Netflix is down, was down last night for awhile too. This does not bode well for Netflix who is planning on charging us extra next month. tell you what, I’ll let you charge me extra if you actually have service that I can count on!

  • Maggie Levitre

    Cannot connect to server error at 10:30 page will not reload all other services not working as well

  • Dez Demise

    This is Effing lame! Netflix is not funning on my xbox360,ps3 and laptop!! anyone know why or when it’ll work?!

  • Sanity

    The service is down because the Amazon EC2 cloud is down.

  • Maggie Levitre

    Netflix back up and running here!

  • Sean McKim

    Back up as of 10pm CST

  • Heidi Robinson

    Down here in NM too. Streaming over wii. Says it can’t connect, try again or quit.

  • Sarahina Oa

    netflix has just gone down at my house it wont come on my pc, ps3, or my blueray player at all, whats wrong with it?!!!!!!>:-(

  • Parker Young

    where are you maggie?

  • Maggie Levitre

    and back down…..WTF!!

  • Anonymous

    Netflix isn’t working on my Samsung Bluray player or my Wii, having trouble connecting to the website as well..

  • Parker Young

    still down in Calgary

  • Amanda Choluj

    Netflix is down on my PC. All browser cannot connect. stopped working at 10:45 pm. Florida

  • Michael

    Netflix website as well as streaming is down in AZ

  • Melissa Elizabeth Henke

    I can go look for a movie but it wont let me watch it -.- 

  • Anonymous

    Netflix website is down, as is the Wii channel. 11:15pm New York

  • Anonymous

    It its the extra money your paying, down in Portland OR 8:23 P.T.

  • Kelsang Gyatso

    Down in East Hampton, Connecticut

  • Heather Stickel

    can’t connect via my laptop (haven’t tried the TV) – in MI

  • Dalton Curtin

    netflix site/streaming up/down at random moments. Massachusetts 11:33PM

  • Tonya Heldt

    Netflix in MN is down on both my Wii and on the internet… Getting irritated

  • Mike Anderson

    so we pay for….

  • Jen Haden

    The website is back up, going to check the Wii streaming…

  • Anonymous

    up in OR 8:50

  • Heather Stickel

    seems to be back up in MI

  • Danni Chapin

     watch instantly isnt available in ID,

  • Heather Stickel

    I just called Netflix to complain about the ridiculous amount of outages lately. They aren’t giving credits because the problems aren’t resolved yet. Customer service told me that they would rather make one announcement regarding credits instead of 50 credits here and there. Also, I was told that my complaint would be noted to ensure a credit when the time comes. Just thought others might want to call and have their complains on file as well.

  • Victoria Bagger

    It wont play on my windows HP7 phone, says unable to contact configuration server. :/

  • Matt S. wvumascotdmb

    Netflix down via Apple TV August 14 2011

  • Blair Haithcock

    Mine’s not working on PS3. Issues?

  • Sanity

    No current outages reported.

  • Laysha Green

    unable to streaming due to an issue with my accout it having trouble renewing my membership. It having troublle on the 3ds

  • Melissa Gillespie

    Ok, I’d say its definitely down right now and has been since roughly 9 am. 

  • Kyle Baumann

    Streaming fine on my Mac, but not my 360?

  • Demesha Webb

    Have not been able to get Netflix to play movieson my Toshiba laptop for several weeks now. the movie starts and quickly begins to pause and freeze. The audio is normal but viewing the movie is impossible. Why?

  • Keenan Mullins

    Ps3 is down in texas with no resolution through netflix or playstation… i guess im screwed..

  • Anonymous

    PS3 is working but with intermittent stops- whitebox <> no error code.  Time update doesn’t work, router and modem reboot doesn’t help, and delete netflix install/reinstall didn’t work.  Netflix diverts me to Netgear for a router problem…

  • Anonymous

    Netflix on my ipad just stopped loading… I was watching a show, finished the episode and wanted to watch the next one but the screen said “loading” for one second and then went right back to the episode menu. what is this problem?

  • Sean Mann

    Had to update time on PS3, works fine now. Not sure how the time got off in the first place, but thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Netflix server down at 2050 MST

  • Mairead Harris

    In the middle of watching something and Netflix just pooped out on my Macbook. Won’t even load the website, forget about streaming anything.
    8/25/201 at 10:57 pm

  • Maggie Levitre

    netflix down 1048 Portland ME

  • Thomas Brain

    Netflix website and PS3 streaming down in TX

  • Carl Biondolillo


  • Wanastopbeingemo

    Saaaaame here :( right in the middle of a movie too…..

  • Bojan Slavnic

    Streaming is down here in Chicago :(

  • Karen Hinkley

    Entire website is down here in Dallas.

  • Wanastopbeingemo

    and yet it still try to reload the page :( sigh, does this mean it’s time to go to bed……. naaaaaaaa *keeps refreshing page*

  • Anonymous

    Down, yet again, on PS3. 25.08.2011 20:00 PST

  • Andrew F

    I was watching Netflix, then it disappeared. It has been about 10 minutes now. I can connect to everything but Netflix.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Won’t load on laptop or PS3 Lancaster, OH

  • Joshua Crabtree

    Netflix website and xbox 360 streaming down 11:05

  • Anonymous

    Down in Portland, OR

  • Maggie Levitre

    Aww, and they were even sweet enough this time to give us a generic;

    “The Netflix web site is temporarily experiencing technical issues.
    We hope to be back to normal shortly…”  Jerks…..

  • Aileenah Wooster

    Was able to get onto the website.  This is what I found on the top of the page:  “The Netflix web site is temporarily experiencing technical issues.  We hope to be back to normal shortly…”

  • Thomas Brain

    Back up in TX

  • Christy Baez

    can’t connect to netflick ,,,,, whats wrong

  • Eric Samper

    Netflix not responding here in Long Island

  • Christine Kerekes

    8/25/11: having issues with watching mad men on apple TV/netflix.  third day in a row we cannot watch it.  netflix website having technical problems as well.

  • Anonymous


  • Robert Morales

    netflix access down, site down

  • Rëxƒõrd Hìbbs

    site not working.  8:00pm PST- 8/25/11

  • Aileenah Wooster

    Looks like I can at least watch some stuff.  Can’t search or anything though, which means I can’t watch the documentary series I was watching before it went down.  :(   March of the Penguins it is, for now.

  • Mert Balyemez

    8/25/11 Netflix down. In Massachusetts. 

  • Wanastopbeingemo

    site back, 12:28am EST

  • Tammy Tucker

    Indiana here.  10:45 EST.  Netflix streaming is experiencing “technical difficulties” and “hopes to be back to normal shortly”.  A limited, chosen by them page of movies is available to watch (some work, some do not when clicked on).  No search, no ability to watch what you want.  It was also not working properly last night.

  • Kathy Sierakowski

    8/26/11- still down in Washington state (10:45 AM)

  • SaraR

    8/26/11 Down last night and today.  Colorado.  Guess I have to do yard work today :(

  • Sharon Burkett

    As of 3:42pm Central Standard Time Netflix is still down :( 

  • Anonymous

    8/26/2011 4:41 CST  
    Still down in Kansas City

  • Jayne Lucille Jackson

    6:45pm Western NC still down (almost 24 hrs.)

  • Jayne Lucille Jackson

    What’s going on?

  • Victoria

    Eastern Standard Time still technical experiencing issues. Movies load, but only if I access the url from my browser’s history. I cannot search for movies on the netflix homepage.

  • Dennis Pottmeyer

    we cant watch our movies ,what is going on

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get streaming service either on laptop or TV ??? last night, Thursday or today Friday, 26th August, 2011

  • Anonymous

    can’t stream Netflix on laptop or TV, August 26, 2011 – last night either, Thursday! This is Louisville, Kentucky

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stream tonight 8/26 7:pm Pacific time. Last night, 8/25, 8pm Pacific time. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tucson Arizona….Netflix has been down for 24 hours and still not working! They just made everyone mad by raising their price like 33% and now their whole system is down. I’m cancelling my service as soon as I’m able to sign back on. MAYBE this is a conspiracy to keep people from cancelling their subscription. Maybe the largest renewal date is around the 26th of each month. They can keep us from cancelling and take the new higher payment from our accounts! You never know, you can’t trust the big corporations anymore!

  • Anonymous

    Memphis, TN: Netflix down since 5:00 pm yesterday (August 25th). Been more than 24 hrs now.

  • ABelen V. Miller

    ”The Netflix web site is temporarily experiencing technical issues.We hope to be back to normal shortly” Washington DC area ..     for two days already!!!!! 08-26-2011

  • Anonymous

    netflix is stop/go/intermitted/frustrated.  Blockbuster/hulu are you paying attention to this.  Pacific time 20:00 26August11

  • Anonymous

    shoddy access. whats going on?

  • Anonymous

    i JUST bought a new internet-ready hdtv, JUST subscribed to netflix, and HAVE NOT yet been able to get a netflix movie.  keep getting the message “the Netflix server returned an error”.  that sucks. 

  • Carlos

    “Cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit on your computer.” i can still watch shows, but i keep getting the message frequently.

  • Travis Radom

    I keep getting the same error message while i’m watching a movie too, “Cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again later.” I can still watch movies but i get that same annoying message all the time.

  • Wanjiku K

    my netflix isn’t working on my pc! i wanna watch my 30 ROCK DAMNIT! how the HELL am i supposed to know what happened with Jack and his mothers nurse NOW?? uugh.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix isn’t working.  Says too many redirects (google chrome)…. Just checked again… worked for a minute, but then does the same thing or just loads and says, “Hello Netflix” in plain text on a white screen.

  • Savannah Blair

    Netflix won’t let me stream anything. I can navigate the cite but as soon as I click to watch instantly, it freezes the screen and is indefinitely loading. Eventually my computer pops up a window saying that netflix isn’t responding and I need to kill the page. This happens ONLY when I want to stream something. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently having problems with Netflix.  Everytime I play and about maybe 2 or 4 minutes into it, it’ll say Loading and sometimes the progress bar works and sometimes it takes a while.  Then sometimes it tells me that the server is busy.

  • Bobby Vermillion

    For some reason Netflix won’t load on my wii…this started happening about 4 days ago…it eventually says connecting to netflix then it says unable to connect to netflix (try again). No matter how many times I’ve tried it still ceases to work…does anyone know what’s goin on or possibly have the same problem?

  • C

    I cancel netfix twice today it shows that im charged twice

  • Sanity

    You should probably contact Netflix at They should be able to help you out.

  • Sanity

    Have you tried to contact Netflix Customer Support yet?

  • Sanity

    Have you tried

  • JohnBoze

    Netflix “unavailable” on AppleTV and “This Wii cannot be activated” on my Wii

  • Eden Haywood-Bird

    Me too with the “cannot connect to Netflix, please try again” on both Wii and Xbox 360.  It has been a couple weeks, talked to support and they blame us. All three computers in the house will not connect at all anymore, they say I have a network problem however I took it to my work and it will also not connect there on the laptop either so cannot be the network since it was a different network.

  • Michael

    my xbox 360 has only had 3 options that i can use fir 2 weeks they are: Instant queu, search, and party. where did all the catagories go

  • Timmy C

    The “Date and Time” solution posted worked like a charm on my PS3, thank you very much. 

  • Evan Jacoby

    On Xbox 360, shows such as Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, SNL, and Pawn Stars (and many others) are not loading. It will get “Determine Picture Quality” and then bring up the load bar, but the load bar does not progress at all, and it eventually kicks you back out to the queue screen. Help?

  • Sanity

    Glad we could provide you with some sort of assistance.

  • Sanity

    Have you tried deleting Netflix and re-downloading it?

  • Archita Paladugu

    when i try to open it on my ipod touch 4g it says “There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later (1007)” Plz help and how do i fix it withouthaving to re in stall? Its been like this for weeks. Also, it works on my blu-ray player.  Ialsotried restarting my ipod and trying but it wont work……

  • Jessica Patterson

    I’m trying to watch Netflix on PS3 and keep getting the error “Your Netflix Account is already in use on other devices. Please stop one of the other streams and then try again.” 

    I booted all registered devices online, though I know it may be being used on one other device. I just ran two devices at once yesterday no problem though. Any idea what the issue could be or what the limit on devices is?

    I tried reinstalling netflix to get an activation code for the PS3 but it doesn’t give me one after I reinstalled and logged in. I tried the time/date trick. That didn’t work either. Thanks for your help!

  • ruaser

    My netflix instant does not load. I’m using IE 9 browser. It worked just fine 2 days ago.

  • Grace Gagliano

    My Netflix Wii browser magically degraded!!! I can only get a few episodes of each show and it’s all 1980’s graphic clunky. How do I fix this?

  • Grace Gagliano

    Oh, and I’ve done the delete, re-download dancey-dance with no change. Boo. 

  • Sanity

    Come back to the future!

  • Sanity

    Grace I would ask @netflixhelps or give Netflix a call.

  • Anonymous

    Connection failed. If you want to retry, please select retry. If you want to exit the application please select he exit botton….

  • Nayesha Pruitt

    Can’t even get the website today.  Says it’s unavailable and that other users are having trouble accessing it as well.

  • Jennifer Brewer

    Website won’t load last night or this morning. Every other website I open works just fine.  

  • Matt Mcdonald

    netflix on my xbox hasnt been connecting all day

  • Joshua Metz

    no connection to Netflix on the PS3, but PC and iPhone work just fine, all day. 

  • Anonymous

    Netflix will act like it’s loading on PS3 then I just get a black screen.  Been doing this all day.  Worked fine yesterday.

  • Sanity

    Anyone commenting with strange errors should always try to first contact @Netflixhelps:twitter  customer support unless its a site wide outage.

  • Potatosaurus

    can’t connect on netflix with my PS3, but I can connect fine on my laptop. is there something going on right now? an update for it? I get the error “service is not available.”

  • J. Wil

    Same problem here.  No access on PS3, but do have access via laptop.
    “Service not available.”

  • Sanity

    There may be a service interruption limited to the PS3, have you tried @netflixhelps:twitter

  • Sanity

    Netflix has confirmed the issue “We’re aware that some members are experiencing issues streaming movies and TV shows. We’re working to resolve the problem.”!/Netflixhelps/status/119985134538723329

  • whitney taylor

    my steaming isnt working on any browser, it loads to 4% then stops. I reinstalled silverlight and it still does the same thing after following everything they told me to do…

  • wetmutt

    confirmed ps3 outage here. time to dust off the blu rays! 😀

  • Michael Krause

    Can’t log into netflix on PS3. Says my email is invalid format.  Loads Netflix screen indefinately

  • Kristina Smith

    Same problem as Whitney Taylor. Won’t load anything. Goes to 4% and stops. 

  • Brad J

    Mine asks “Are you a Netflix member?,” forces me to go through the tedious process of entering my login and password, and then says “Service is not available.  Please try again.”  Trying again causes it to try to connect indefinitely. I then press the PS3 button and press Quit and it hangs for a few seconds and then resets my PS3. This has happened three times.

  • Susan Moore Platt

    I had the exact same thing happen.  It went to that are you a member/login screen while I was just scrolling through the new movie titles.  I even changed my password and still can’t get in.

  • Susan Moore Platt

    I tried to call customer service and it said they were experiencing high call volume and try my call again later.

  • Rose

    I’m having that exact issue with my PS3. Logging in on the PC works fine, though.

  • Alston Acharya

    Same deal, loads to 4 or 7% and stops, on Mac.

  • Amy Powell

    Same as Whitney Taylor. 4%, then nothing. On a Mac using Firefox and Chrome.

    *Tekgoblin–Thanks for this post, by the way. A great resource, I couldn’t find anything else in Google searches to assure me I wasn’t the only one with this problem.

  • Anonymous

    Same here…it blows. Wife is angry.

  • Anonymous

    Mine won’t load past 4%.

  • kasey corriveau

    trying to watch movie was frozen at 2 percent then i reloaded the page now its frozen at 4 percent… i guess alot of ppl are haveing the same problem i have

  • Tony Smith

    Mine just says it doesn’t recognize my log in info for netflix. when right after I logged in on my computer it worked fine.  I turned it off then on and Tried again with the same result. (PS3 it said it in the middle of me watching something)

  • Anonymous

    Can’t log in on my Wii, but I can log in fine online.

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 makes me sign in to netflix then says service is not available please try again then i try again and it just goes to the loading screen and stays there. anyone else having this issue?

  • Mike C

    I get the same problem as JabbaWabbaKey on my PS3.  I CAN however log into NETFLIX on my computer, but I CANNOT watch any movies.  Stalls out at 4% when loading like everyone else.  Had to clear out some things on Silverlight but that didn’t fix anything.

  • Mike C

    Oh, I also tried the time setting thing via internet on the above suggestion for my PS3.  Didn’t work either.

  • Anonymous

    My computer has stopped downloading at 4%.  What ‘s up with this???????????

  • Josh Howell

    I’m getting the window asking if I’m a member after attempting to login or the “The login information you entered does not match an account in our records.” error message.

  • Mike C

    Well, Netflix may lose me.  HuluPlus is offering 1 week free (1 mos if you have an .edu address). They work on PS3 and this lag in service is making me try them out.  Netflix, you’re doing this to yourself!

  • mikentasha stackeinerman

    Have had a problem trying to watch anything on my computer or via ps3 for about an hour and a half, but it just loaded on my computer. Was stuck at 4% forever just like everyone else, but it looks like it might be fixed now.

  • mikentasha stackeinerman

    It’s working on the ps3 now too.


    Netflix keeps saying my login is incorrect…. all of a sudden. I’ve never had an issue with my login before. I’m using my PS3 to connect. So, I logged into the Netflix website and updated both my login email address and set a new password and nothing helped.. then I found this website so I hope that this is an issue that will resolve itself…and not take as long as the last time Netflix went down because it’s mostly all I watch nowadays. Any ideas. greatly appreciated.

  • Amy Powell

    Update: I am able to stream Instant on a Mac now, using Chrome. 

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Brad J

    Same here.  Made me enter my login and password but it worked after that.

  • ssnbn1

    Netflix went down yesterday, September 30, 2011.  PS3 says “unable to connect”.  Tried every trick, holding down the start/select together to sign in, but it doesn’t work.  Deleted Netflix from PS3, reinstalled still “unable to connect”.  Signed up for free Hulu Plus and Vudu – they both stream no problem.  Sony customer service hangs up on me when I press for assistance.  What a bummer.  Went to stream over the computer and I had to update “Microsoft’s Silverlight: for it to work.  Can’t tell if it is Netflix’ fault or Sony’s….

  • Anonymous

    Netflix down now on roku. 10/02/11. will run on computer but had to install silverlite. I’m starting to think this is all a bunch of crap may be i’ll just go back to cable.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is down on roku 2.  Works on computer.  We receive a “cannot find missing channel error”  then when we click through we just get “Retrieving”
    Other Roku Channels work including Amazon Instant.

  • Alisha Youch

    Down on Roku 2.  I have tried deleting and re-adding the channel repeatedly.  I am able to re-add the channel, but it won’t give me an activation code, and it keeps telling me it cannot connect at this time.

  • Jose Cabrera

    netflix dont work in my ps#, xbox and wii, Netflix is
    currently unavailable. Please try again later, whats happen, please helpppp @Netflixhelps. #NetFlixserviceDown

  • Bob Madeley

    Netflix seems to be down on my PS3 as of 9 PM, EST.

  • James Sterling Rice

    I can’t get Netflix to work on ps3 or on my laptop at the moment.

  • Joe Zakko

    netflix is down on my ps3 and I can’t load my account online either

  • Alice Klarke

    Netflix is not streaming in Bisbee AZ 620 pm Oct 8, 2011 on either Firefox or Chrome, on a MacBook Pro.

  • Chuck Hagle

    I cannot get Netflix on my PS3 and the website appears to be down.  It’s working fine on the XBOX 360

  • meredith

    Netflix not streaming since 9:15pm in Virginia on Oct 8th 2011. Using Chrome Browser on Macbook Pro.

  • Phil Ingle

    Just stopped suddenly on my PS3…

  • Janet Quirk

    netflix down Long Island NY, eastern Suffolk County. :-(

  • Veronica Paul

    I am a current member this is not the first time I was unable to access netfllix…
    I keep getting the option to reload later why?

  • Anna Susan Blaser

    netflix website is down, can’t open it with Safari or Firefox 

  • Jennifer

    Netflix is not responding via PS3 or Website!!!

  • William

    Netflix down my PS3 AND 360!!!

  • Brad J

    I, too, am unable to connect to Netflix from my PS3 or browser.  The PS3 asks if I’m a member (I am), and my browser won’t connect to their site. I’ve been through this before…last weekend, I believe.  Nice that they’re trying to divorce themselves from the DVD mailing side of the house and yet the streaming side seems to go down far too often. They’re lucky they don’t have any legitimate competition right now or they’d be out of business.

  • bobbo

    my service has been totally down for more than an hour now. please help and yes my computer has been turned on.

  • Mayra Perez

    it’s down on my PS3 & comp but not on my iphone.

  • Timothy Hughbanks

    Can’t logon top the netflix site – the rest of my internet service seems fine.

  • Bryon Palmcook

    Netflix is down on my PS3.  It keeps saying that it has been deactivated on this device and asked me to reactivate it.  So who is to blame of these idiots, Sony or Netflix??  They both seem to do something stupid about once a month.  Guess one of them was due.


    Once AGAIN problems with Netflix :(  It is not working at all it just loads then blank screen.  Sick of this!

  • Timothy Hughbanks

    I tried safari, chrome and firefox – still no netflix.

  • Anonymous

    can’t even access netflix website through internet explorer, google chrome… Our PS3 says it’s been “deactivated” and we just signed up yesterday!

  • Jessica Kurien

    netflix is down again! it says the webpage can’t open on chrome and internet explorer!

  • Jean-Marc

    Netflix down (white screen) using Firefox on Macbook Pro in Montreal

  • Anonymous

    Just stopped working on my PS3. Keeps asking me for member sign-in info, then says my sign-in info for my Netflix account is incorrect, even though I’ve changed and re-changed the information. Then when it will accept, it’ll say my device (PS3) has been deactivated or there was an error with my info or please try again, etc. FIRST time I’ve ever had this problem. Just started about an hour ago when I stopped an episode. Also the Netflix site is down. Very irritated since I just renewed my account for streaming after several months of avoiding Netflix for their boosted prices. Ridiculous.

  • Mistie Satterlee

    on my laptop the netflix websit won’t come up at all- but kids can watch the netflix on the wii… any ideas how long it’ll be out- it’s saturaday night- totally planned on a netflix night

  • Brian Adams

    Seems to be down right now.  Never had issues accessing the site before today.

  • janice shin

    netflix site won’t even load (using google chrome on windows xp). i receive the following message: “No data received. Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.”
    i was watching a movie on netflix but the audio was playing back double (like a 1/2 sec delay echo), i hit refresh/F5 and the site was down. :( boo.

  • mel negz

    netflix wont load on firefox safari or google chrome :S

  • Hi There

    From Ontario, Canada – Netflix asks if I am a member, forces me to enter the email address and PW, and then shows a screen saying “Service is not available.” Exiting Netflix seems to reboot the PS3. Can’t log in to Netflix account on Firefox 7.01.

  • Mistie Satterlee

    anyone have their phone number?

  • Phong Le

    Mine too

  • Julie Costa-Malcolm

    Unable to watch movies/shows through the website, but watch instantly on my WII is working fine.

  • Phong Le


  • Lisa Webb

    It has been slow all evening and now is totally down.

  • Anonymous

    10/8/11, 8:00 MDT, NF server seems to be offline. Tested with speedtest; other websites OK, and have 1.7M DL speed.

  • Anonymous

    unable to load page.  after login tries to load wi page on pc and fails.

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice if there was a central message board for all offline websites on the net…
    Seems like a perfect advertising platform… Can advertise right next to your competition’s board when they’re offline…

  • Lisa Webb

    Tried Google Chrome, Firefox, and even iPhone. I can get to the generic website, but once you log in, it won’t load anymore.

  • David Drahmann

    looks like netflix streaming is down as of around 7 pm on 10/8/11

  • darthmopar

    Still nothing here….tried with Chrome, IE, and my Droid app…nuthin…

  • Anonymous

    The Netflix server appears to be completely down.  This is the first time I’ve had this problem.

  • Jason Olney

    Their secondary site is up.  Limited selection but at least it is something.

  • Anonymous

    1011pm EST – canadian site is down

  • Mandy Roberts

    Secondary watch instantly site with limited selections available. No access to queue.

  • Tom

    Streaming services are having issues. Limited titles only can be viewed. No instant queue, etc.Tweet is below.


    We’re aware that some members are experiencing issues streaming movies and TV shows. We’re working to resolve the problem

  • Shawn Ferguson

    “streaming is temporarily unavailable”

  • Timothy Hughbanks

    One wonders whether jettisoning the DVD-Bluray business is a tad premature if they can’t get their streaming service working flawlessly on a Saturday night.

  • Anonymous

    OK so i have bin trying to get on Netflix on my ps3 and it is giving me ”Try again” and i have try resetting Date and Time like it say here and i have delete it from my ps3 and re download and re install and re did my Member Sign In a lot and i all so re set my modem and router and all my online gaming is working fine and so is PSN and my Netflix is working on my computer and ever system i have try it on does sum one know y this is happening to my Fat Ps3

  • Jennifer Evans

    when i try to go to netflix on my 360 slim it only shows “search” “instant queue” which has nothing in it and “party.” when i search A and pick the first movie and play it it says there’s a problem with payment on my account, but everything is fine. my next billing date is nov 12 and my card is correct. just wont let me play anything on 360 or the computer.

  • Sanity

    You might try deleting Netflix from your 360 then installing it again. Otherwise give Netflix a call, they will help.

  • Anonymous

    Can watch netflix on my pc okay but when i try to watch on my tv via my roku it says unable to connect to Netflix at this time….

  • Sanity

    There might be a specific issue with your Roku, try @Netflixhelps:twitter or Calling Netflix. Then please post back the solution here.

  • Brian Madden

    On the Xbox 360, Netfliz will not load. I tried clearing cache and deleting, then reloading program, but it will not start the app. Is there anywhere I can be pointed for help since I cannot find any at Netflix or Xbox?

  • Sanity

    You can try @netflixhelps on twitter or Netflix support at: 888-638-3549

  • Dana Allen

    Are there different servers??   Some titles show as “Not Available” on Wii but are available on PC and Droid X.

  • WhereTheLesbiansAre

    Netfli not loading on Roku box since 8:45pm today. Hit “select” on the Netflix box and after a few seconds of trying, screen goes back to home screen.

  • noor

    My Roku Device won’t load or let me in to stream movies today oct 15,2011 5pm and 8pm 10pm 12am 2am. it goes back to home screen. On roku 2 devices is the same thing. Also netflix setting would be lovely to add on roku 2. 

  • Lynn

    Roku message “we are unable to connect to Netflix at this time” Other channels on Roku are fine.  Wireless connectivity settings on Roku “excellent”.

  • Carlos

    10/15/11 7:50 pm Same here as Lynn below. Spent 30 mins with Roku support. They took my info and thats it..Said that Netflix had the issue.Netflix told me Roku had issue…Good thing I have other channels..

  • Craig LeHoullier

    Just got home from vacation, all ready to stream netflix on my Roku box – it says that they are unable to connect to Netflix at this time.  All other channels play fine on the Roku box.  What gives?

  • Lynn

    Netflixhelps on twitter indicates that they know there is a problem.

  • Jeanne Ann Davidson

    I get this message:   unable to connect to Netflix at this time.

  • valoree k

    I’m having the same issues on my Sony Google TV. No way this is a Roku issue since it seems to be across multiple devices using different operating systems. Really frustrating since this is the second multi day outage since I bought the TV a month ago.  Looks like I’m cruising Amazon VOD since that always works perfectly. 

  • mdbambam

    unable to connect to on my laptop right now!

  • Online Shopping

    no NETFLIX?! WTF?! 8:27pm ET

  • Sanity

    Looks like it was just a hiccup

  • Candice Wiskow

    Front page wont load and cant play any movies. look at pics. all i get every time 

  • Anonymous

    netflix is down

  • Sanity

    The Netflix website is working just fine for me

  • Jenette Downing

    When trying to stream instant play it freezes at 7% and locked up the browser with a non responsive silverlight plug in. (tried on two computers and both have the issue)

  • Shawn Summa

    Streaming and access to netflix account services (login) is not functional.

  • chloe moll

    every movie or show i try to load stops at 7%?

  • Zachary Hendrickson


  • Forrest Gump

    Netflix keeps telling me “The date on your computer is set to 12/20/2011, which may be incorect.
    Please correct the date on your computer and try again.

    FACT: Todays date IS 12/20/2011

    I’ve also run Ccleaner just in case it might have been a cookie or certificate issue. HA !

    Fuck you netflix.

  • Jose Sanchez

    my neflix just stays on the red neflix screen and dosent show the loading circle or dosent do anything..

  • Dayla Renee McCarty

    Mine too! I can’t figure out how to get it to work. I’m using Xbox 360!

  • John Pesek

    same here:(

  • Amber S

    Netflix on wii gives the wii wifi network down error message
    when exiting out the wii can do everything else internet related
    12/25/11 2:30 P.M. Central standard time

  • Lori Anderson

    I am having the same problem, it is driving me crazy

  • Ryan Cornmesser

    same here

  • Eric Casey

    I used Netflix on a Phillips tv through my Wii…now I got a new tv VIZIO…and I went to use netflix through the Wii and I got an Error code saying I could not connect to the internet WTF?!?!?

  • Nicole Dowlen

    I watched a movie on my Xbox 360, turned it off to play a game, then came back to Netflix and it won’t play anything else. It says, “can’t start playback”.

  • Caellyn

    Netflix went down yesterday evening mid movie.  Internet and settings fine.  Finally it came back up this evening maybe 15-30 mintues ago, I think, but it won’t play any of the movies.  Says it’s having problems retrieving … anything I choose to watch.

  • Caellyn

    “We’re having trouble playing this title right now…”  I get that on every movie/show I try.

  • Toni Nezumi Kaye

    Netflix on our xbox loads to 7% and freezes. It’s been doing this for 2 days.

  • William Lee

    unable to launch netflix from my internet tv now

  • Kevin Tutor

    same here

  • Danielle

    I haven’t been able to get my Netflix to connect to the internet on my Wii for the past week, despite the Wii being connected to t he internet. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas? :-/

  • Andrew Ulle

    Through a Samsung Blu ray: For the last 24 hours at least, Netflix loads, but when I choose a show, it buffers about 20% then states “We’re having trouble playing this title right now…” for EVERY title I try!  But it works through my laptop…(?)  HELP?

  • Andrew Ulle

    Netflix help says my internet speed is too slow suddenly (has worked since July). Suggested resetting my modem/router – no help.  All other video streaming apps work on the Samsung: Youtube, hulu, BBC. CNBC, etc.

  • captain

    Ditto here.  The !@#$iots on the phone say it’s my network, and to remove the router.  BULLS**T!  I even put the Boxee on the DMZ, still got the same message as above.  Netflix is about to lose a customer.  :-(

  • Kyle Lucas

    On my Xbox 360, a video buffers and loads, but it just has an image of the title, and it never plays. This is the same for every video. It’s been going on a bit over a week now.

  • gysgtwarren

    linked my roku to my netflix account.  7 times now per instructions from tech support.  All I get is Retrieving…  sometimes it kickes me back to home screen other times it does nothing else. 

  • Kent Kirkwood

    Netflix PC/Wii are down right now…

  • Mata Lowden

    I haven’t been able to get Netflix since last week (1/7/12). My internet connection is fine. My TV is hooked up to an LG Blue Ray device, but no Netflix.  Wonder if I’m going to be charged for the entire month?  Would rather have the service.

  • Wes Salyers

    XBOX 360: I get on netfilix and it buffers to 7% then stops. I can watch espn and play multiplayer no problem, my connection is fine. All i get is a still image. This started 1-13-12

  • Elizabeth Martinez-Carrol

    xbox 360: since 1/14, possibly 1/13 Netflix has been giving me a connection error. I can so sometimes get it to play an episode but when I go on to the next episode it says my connection is weak/gone, yet when I check it in the xbox settings it’s fine, I’ve disconnected and reconnected my internet connection from both my router and from within xbox and reconnected about 10 times but I still get the problem. Re-downloaded netflix, still have the problem. I tried getting onto my desktop and got the same error, but I’m hard wired to the internet now and my connection is fine. Netflix runs fine on my iphone 3gs, without any issues, using the same wifi connection.

  • Deb Gremore

    hey please do something about streaming wii and dsl verizon netflix absolutely horrible i wopuld like to cancel netflix and it saddens me because i am very fond of it .  however constant reloading leaves me with no choice, can you fix it or not.

  • Shannon Hauska

    The Netflix website is consistently taking me to a “server cannot open page” alert. ANNOYING.

  • Billy Cha

    WTH, Mines doing the same!

  • Billy Cha

    Netflix on my 360 will load up to 7% and then it’ll freeze! Been a week now.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix is not working on xbox 360 only load to 7%, but it works fine on my computer and android tablet. It’s been like this for about 2 to 3 weeks now : (

  • Mara Thompson

    Been trying on both Firefox and Safari… can’t get a webpage for Netflix for at least two hours.  All other web browsing is fine… cache has been cleared. January 27, 2012

  • Anonymous

     The Same happens to me, in either the Revue or in my Sony GT, works fine on my computer

  • C. A.

    I got the Netflix Site Error page just now. What a bummer… I was hoping to watch this series on Impressionist painters. *sticks tongue out at Netflix*

  • Karen

    Me too.  Can’t log in, even to check my queue. 

  • Andrew Donovan

    Yep. Netflix site error here.

  • Bobbi Johnson

    Tried from two different devices. I get “Netflix Site Error”.  All other sites work fine for me.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t. load Netflix website on my computer.  Do you get a refund for the time that they are not giving you service?

  • Leah Everson

    “Netflix Site Error”

  • Bobbi Johnson

    “We’re currently experiencing a technical issue.
    While we get things back to normal, some features aren’t available – but you can play select titles on this page.” Netflix

  • Anonymous

    Having an issue streaming movies on an xbox of mine. I have an old 120GB black elite 360 that streams everything just fine. But having a problem with a new 250GB slim. nothing loads. Movies, tv shows, everything just gets stuck @ 7% loading.. I see a preview screen and nothing else. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I’ve tried clearing the system cache on the hard drive already. Didn’t do anything, tried restarting 15 or 20 times. Nothing. Any ideas?

  • Pingback: Samsung blu-ray won’t connect to netflix – Samsung blu-ray | Top Home Speakers » Blog Archive()

  • lacie wright

    my tv says it cant connect to netflix. then it says to go to and that has got me no where. what should i try?

  • Sanity

    Looks like there might have been a short outage which is now fixed.

  • Anonymous

    keeps pausing and not reloading. its frustrating. it claims not to connect with server but internet is strong.  one day its great the next it stinks

  • da_beast_zach

    Stops loading at 7%…

  • Kevin Burfield

    it keeps restarting my show when i watch netflix on my ps3

  • Jennine Hohler

    Won’t load past 2% on my computer, NO videos work. Not even new or saved ones.

  • Anonymous


  • Yuki Eliot

    Cannot connect to Netflix on any of my gaming devices as of today, yesterday everything worked fine. Connectivity to the internet is fine, only the Netflix application is affected. PC works fine, but I get a “Cannot Connect to Netflix” on all gaming devices.

  • besrdog

    21 Feburary 2012  Netflix website not responding on computer or WII, looks like another NetFlix service interruption.

  • Quinn Hall ﺕ

    For the past 2 days, Netflix on the XBOX360 will not play ANY movie at all…. you will be deceived by being able to choose a movie or show of your choice, then it loads about 7 percent and basically freezes up….. does int play at all… just staring at an image of the show you want to watch…. OR COULD THIS BE A PROBLEM JUST WITH MY XBOX?!?!

  • Quinn Hall ﺕ

    fuck man im having that problem as we speak…just sits at 7 percent and does fuck all… why pay for something that we cant even watch!!,,,, happened to me about a month ago as well… its like people with xbox randomly get neflix freezing on them… then after it works again.. i bet someone else gets the problem.. like a virus for fuck sakes.

  • Quinn Hall ﺕ


  • kiwi2sour

    For a week now – can’t connect to netflix through my panasonic viera TV. In the past – no problem.
    Now it says : Cannot connect to Netflix, please try again later, if Problem persists, please visit on your computer.
    I went there – of course no instruction – except to call them.
    anyway – what gives?

  • J.J. Lazarus

    this is not a problem with your xbox. i am receiving the same problem.

  • Andrew91593

    Same here. It’s not your xbox. It’s everyones i’m guessing. Like you said it goes to 7% and then stops, And doesn’t load the show/movie.

  • Nicholis Theofolis Chrisafis

    Netflix isn’t working on my Xbox 360. It starts loading up what i want to watch and then stops the loading at 7 and disappears and keeps me there with the options to chose what episodes I want to watch…. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  • Ryan Hibbett

    Netflix is down on my ps3 right now. any one else having that problem?

  • find your voice

     yes, I am still having trouble.  Did you find out a solution to this problem?

  • Morgan Williams

    Netflix isn’t working on my macbook since this afternoon.

  • ajmcrae_85

    Did you ever get this problem solved? I have had the same issue for the last 2 weeks on my LG Smart Tv

  • ajmcrae_85

    My netflix hasn’t been working on my LG smart TV for the last 2 weeks, WTF I am getting frustrated for having a product that I pay for monthly and can’t even use, we should be credited back when shit like this happens. Does anyone know how to fix this problem???

  • Marisa Snoopy Chapman

    netflix not working on my computer loads to 7 percent then stops

  • Sanity

    You could try to clear your browser cache or call Netflix. Service is not down.

  • J M

    Netflix isn’t loading on my PS3.

  • Jessy Smith

    I have several devices that run netflix not to mention four laptops and no matter which device I switch to, I keep getting rebuffering errors or other messages about not being able to get the program. I can tell when its going to happen because I notice skipping in the sound then the sound goes out all together and finally the pictures starts to stop and go and then stop again. Lastly it goes off the screen and returns to the movie select menu. Is anyone else having this problem? Is Netflix doing anything about it? Is there a workaround? I’ve had this problem on Wii, Xbox360, and two different bluray players not to mention on my laptops too.

  • Sanity

    Sounds like it could be a problem with your Network but I would suggest contacting Netflix for help on that one.

  • Melanie

    Streaming DOWN!! 

  • Kirill Obraztsov


  • Tim McCoy

    Netflix not working using Roku box

  • Robyn

    Netflix won’t work on my xbox 360 at all.  I can still use it on my lap top but it won’t even connect on the xbox. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and logging out of then back into my xbox live but nothing helps, and the link the error report sends goes no where.

  • Evian DeAndré Belser

    Netflix on my Wii is not working as of 05/11/12 10:14pm my time which is Central i think but wateva North Carolina is on but anyway it loads up and everything but then it says “We’re having trouble accesing these titles for you right now. Please try again later.” in every section i scroll through i uninstalled reinstalled and nothing worked i reonnect my wireless router and still nothing and its not my internet cuz i wouldn’t be able to post this right now

  • Erin Riddle

    Netflix not working on Roku for past two days… anyone know whats up?  I have tried removing the channel and adding it back to no avail.  When I spoke with Roku people, they said they were having server problems… anyone else having problems??

  • Jennifer Carter

    I was having this issue and just got done with roku support.  After all the basic trouble-shooting (did you unplug the unit, wait ten seconds and plug it back in, are other channels working, is netflix working on other devices?) they prompted me to remove the netflix channel, unplug the roku box, wait one minute, plug it back in.  when I did that, it reinstalled netflix and prompted me for my email and password again (which it hadn’t done previously when I tried removing the channel and re-adding it).  It now works for me!

  • Cori

    5/21/2012 Netflix wont load programs.

  • supadupasi

    its the 23rd and still wont play anything

  • Shabbir Hossain

    it works on my computer, but won’t load on my xbox. i just get netflix logo with the red background and the load screen…hasn’t worked since may 25th.

  • Alex Elliott

    Tonight maybey california, LA 3:41 am…

  • Maria Panos

    Netflix service has been down for over an hour!!!!

  • savannah ornelas

    my netflix on my tv is working fine,however on my toshiba laptop it is either saying that netflix is down or that i have to many devices on netflix but i just had 2 on and it usually lets me be able to do 2 at a time?

  • Rich Raymer

    On PS3, netflix occasionally says “this device has been deactivated. Press to reactivate”.  Whether is does or doesn’t sat that, it then asks for email and password.  After hitting Continue, it stays on greyed out ID and PW screen with “busy” animate on screen.  Unit isn’t even contacting Netflix, as I’ve purposely given bad password occasionally just to see if it would react.
      PC Netflix works flawlessly

  • Sanity

    Have you tried to call netflix yet?

  • Tom Graney

    Netflix down on TV and on PC.

  • Sanity

    Netflix was affected by the major power outage across the us

  • Heather

    netflix site on the internet i watch netflix on my computer and today i tried to go to the home page where members log in and i got a message saying page does not exist not found what the heck is going on with this?

  • charlie

    upon clicking play, my Roku jumps right back to the menu screen. i reset it and checked the app on my phone, which is working great. i also tried other movies- same result.

  • netflixissick

    for some reason it says they are unable to process my request when i log in…. “Netflix Site Error”

  • charlie

    i read about a fix. give it a shot: remove the Netflix app, revoir device, re-add Netflix, authenticate and you should be ready to go. i did this with my Roku and it fixed the problem.

  • DdaddioJ

    Netflix has stopped loading on my pc. Was just watching and episode of Breaking Bad. It will not reload. It stops at 4%. What is going on?

  • Sanity

    Netflix is currently experiencing an outage.

  • disqus_0OygZNohq7

    I have a two-at-a-time disc rental contract with Netflix. Their entire site has been down for 3 days now. When I go to the site there’s a message that their engineers are working to restore it. 3 days? If there’s a fourth I think I’m cancelling my subscription.

  • jiang

    netflix down on sony bravia tv today 01/28/2013

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