Google to launch online music service, likely on May 10th

Google Music

Google may launch it’s own online music service as soon as Tuesday May 10th at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco. The new service will be in direct competition with the Amazon Music store but not the iTunes store from Apple and may start in a very limited testing phase.

However, to make a competitive music service Google will have to secure licenses with the biggest recording companies. Amazon has yet to secure the same licenses from the companies as well. The music service will offer a way for users to listen to their music from the “cloud,” they will do this by uploading songs to the service. Once the songs are uploaded to the service they will be able to be streamed but not downloaded, supposedly to protect them from being pirated.

The service if done right, could become very popular. In the past, other companies like Spotify have tried but not been able to grow very quickly. wsj

Update: Service may be called “Music Beta by Google”

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