Sony may offer reward to help catch hackers

Sony LogoWith an attack that has compromised as much as 100 million users accounts on the PlayStation Network Sony may be looking for more help. According to Cnet, Sony may be looking into offering a reward to someone who can provide more information on who the attackers are. The information of’course must also lead to the arrest and conviction of who is involved in the attacks.

Also according to the Financial Times, the group Anonymous may have actually been involved in some of the attacks against Sony despite their initial denials. The hacker involved with Anonymous was acting against Sony and it’s attack against George Hotz, they said in a statement:

“The hacker that did this was supporting OpSony’s movements,”
And also stated that:
“If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it,”  “Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn’t mean Anonymous didn’t do it.”

The rest of the members of Anonymous may not have agreed with the actions that certain members carried out but this attack gets the entire group involved. Anonymous does not plan to release any of the credit card information that was found or make it public in any way. According to Anonymous nothing was downloaded in a statement they made:

“No credit card information was ever exposed, neither was over 100 million accounts,” the Anon said. “They had access to their databases, yes, but nothing was downloaded except a few admin accounts. Nothing has been exposed, no one is selling anything.”
Rumors have also been circulating that a third attack may take place sometime soon but has not been confirmed or proven yet. If Sony does offer a reward for information we will have to see if anyone outs the person or persons that made the attack.

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