Man makes first 3G call and tweet from top of Mount Everest

Kenton Cool Mount Everest

Kenton Cool, the English mountaineer wanted to prove that 3G radios still work in some of the highest places on earth. This is Kenton’s 9th trip to the top of Mount Everest and he brought with him a Samsung Galaxy S II. Sponsored by Samsung he climbed the 29,029 feet to the top of the Mountain and made a tweet and a phone call with the phone.

Kenton Cool Tweet

The company Ncell had installed a 3G tower on the mountain to give climbers the option to use regular cell phones instead of expensive satellite phones while they were climbing. The station has been installed at the Everest base camp where climbers can rest or warm up. So now if you would like to climb Mount Everest you can bring your favorite phone to make calls with or even listen to Pandora. Check out the video below which shows Kenton making the first call at the top of Everest. [Via: ubergizmo]


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