Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE Hotspot Review

Samsung Hotspot

The Samsung 4G LTE Hostspot is one of the 4G devices we saw at CES at the Verizon press conference. It is the Samsung SCH-LC11 hotspot which fully supports the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE and 3G networks. The hotspot supports up to 5 devices simultaneously and works similar to your home router. The LED lights on the top of the device tell you connection strength and which network you are connected to. For example a yellow light could mean that the signal strength is getting low while green is for a great signal.

Samsung Hotspot configuration screen

A great feature on the hotspot is the web interface which is available by entering into your browser window once connected to it. The default password for this screen can be found under the back panel directly above the battery, the same password is used for wireless connections unless changed. The information screen can show you connection strength to the cellular network, battery life available on the device, and current IP address information. Port forwarding can also be managed from the configuration screen as well as power management. It also supports Mac filtering and Port filtering for advanced users.

Samsung Hotspot Back

The hotspot also sports a hefty battery at 1500 mAh which should last pretty long. Samsung quotes batter life at 216 minutes of usage time and 9 hours of standby time. That sounds about right especially if you are using 4G a lot.

Thunderbolt Speed Test Mac

Now the 4G speeds are un deniable and the results with this device are the same as we have gotten with every 4G device that we have reviewed thus far. Verizon guarantees speeds from 5-10 mbps downstream and 2-5 mbps upstream and the results we got were well within this range.

I love the hotspot and I believe if you need a 4G hotspot from Verizon you should get this one. I had only some issues with it and that was likely because of the poor signal in my area. I would give the hotspot a solid 5/5 Gears.

5/5 Gears

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