3rd attack on the way for the Sony PlayStation Network

Playstation Network Logo

There may be a 3rd attack on the way for the PlayStation Network which could keep the network down even longer. News of the attack came from a user that was in an IRC chat room who observed a group discussing the attack on the network. The group also plans to share all of the information that they have gotten off of the PlayStation Network with the public. Although there is no hard evidence of this attack taking place, it is still enough for Sony to start worrying again.

Sony had claimed that it thought Anonymous was involved in the attacks against the PlayStation Network but Anonymous has since responded and said that they are not.

“While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our ‘leadership’ does not condone credit card theft,”

The previous attack already revealed credit card information for many users around the world as we heard it was up for sale on the black market. Sony needs to improve security quickly to mitigate more public damages especially if the data gets revealed to the public. We may see some more interesting things in the next couple of weeks coming out of this ordeal. [Cnet]



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