Pandora: 10 Billionth Thumb

Pandora LogoThe founder of Pandora, Tim Westergren announced today that there have been 10 billion thumb interactions to date. By interaction he means that there have been 10 billion votes of either thumbs up or down on songs over Pandora. A milestone to say the least since its founding in 2000:

Of the many milestones we’ve hit over the past 6 years, this is perhaps the one that makes us most proud. We created Pandora to bring personalization to radio, to allow each individual to determine the sound of their stations, and to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. There is no greater evidence for us of meeting that objective than the ongoing engagement you have all shown in your use of the thumbs.

I happen to use Pandora when I am traveling in my car, I link my phone up to my car via blueteooth and listen.

The lucky song that received the thumbs up was “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason DeRulo. Pandora now has over 800,000 songs in it’s collection of which 95% of them play in any given month according to Pandora. No word on who the user was that voted the 10 billionth song.

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