Sprint trying to block T-Mobile AT&T deal

ATT T-Mobile

The T-Mobile AT&T merger has been in the works for a little while now and Sprint has just officially filed to block the deal from being approved. Sprint specifically stated that the deal would create a duopoly in the US Wireless market and would cause AT&T stocks to rise to 44% from a previous 32%. Sprint even went as far as saying “The proposed transaction would produce no tangible public interest benefits and would impose serious anti-competitive harms that cannot be remedied through divestitures or conditions,” to the FCC today.

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Sony to broadcast E3 2011 press conference Live

Sony E3

Sony has just announced that they will make their E3 press conference this year available live online from their website. If you were unable to attend E3 this year you can head on over to the Sony website during E3 for the live webcast. Sony has not provided the link where it will be broadcasted from yet, but I am sure they will when it gets closer. The press conference will begin at 5PM PST on June 6th so be sure to tune in to then or check out the PlayStation blog.

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Samsung wants to see iPhone 5 and iPad 3 from Apple

Samsung Counter Sue Apple

The suit against Samsung that Apple had filed back in April has been full of surprises recently and Apple even asked to see all of Samsung’s future devices. Now in a recent turn of events, Samsung is now requesting to view Apple’s upcoming devices such as the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Specifically Samsung is requesting the final commercial versions of the devices and should even include retail packaging and inserts. Samsung would like to see these devices as to compare them and evaluate any possible similarities with Samsung’s future offerings.

Only Apple’s lawyers were able to see any of Samsung’s products that were not released to the public yet. Samsung has also said that only their lawyers would view the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 just to play fair. Now that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 might be involved in the case, it could prevent both devices from being released until the case is settled. It looks like Samsung might be trying to gain additional leverage in the case and possibly get back into negotiations.

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Samsung Droid Charge Review

Droid ChargeThe Samsung Droid Charge is here and with it brings the second 4G LTE smartphone that Verizon Wireless has released on their network. There are some pros and cons with this device as there are with most smartphones and I will be sure to point them out to you in the review of this device. The Droid Charge is now available for $249.99 (with 2YR New Contract), but I have seen it for lower through different retailers online. Enough with that, review time, let’s get into it…

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New Wireless Stereo Headset Coming for PS3!

PS3 Wireless Headset

Sony has recently announced the eventual release of their newest addition to the PlayStation 3 accessory lineup, the “Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset.” The headset should be available by September of this year with a pricey MSRP of $99.99. It features 7.1 surround sound, giving you the ability to hear the slightest sounds in games, which should definitely help in those first-person shooter games. We also have a retractable microphone with mute, volume controls, and on screen battery status.

The Wireless headset comes with a USB Dongle to connect to PS3 for receiving which tells us that this may not be a Bluetooth enabled and probably would connect by using another form of radio frequency. How it will actually sound and feel around the ear is anybody’s guess until it is released. Remember that gaming headset should be something that gamers can use for hours without and annoying problems like heat or pain. We will follow up with device once it is released in stores.

Sony states on their site that you can enjoy hi-fidelity sound for movies and music, “but the Surround sound on the PS3 requires system software version 3.70 or later and Surround Sound does not work with Blu-ray Disc movies.”

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