White iPhone 4 arrives in the UK

The long awaited and elusive White iPhone 4 has finally arrived in the UK at the wireless carrier Vodafone. The first White iPhone 4 was sold early to one lucky person. Apparently a salesperson at Vodafone sold a White iPhone 4 as a black version to release it early. Shortly after Vodafone halted all sales of the White iPhone 4 until next week which only confirms its release.

White iPhone 4 Vodafone

The White iPhone 4 had been rumored to be in and out of production and also rumored to release on April 26th. Looks like the White iPhone 4 will come in spring like Apple originally promised.  The phone was originally delayed because of a color mismatch between the home button and the white paint outside the screen. It was also rumored that the flash would bleed into the white backing and cause pictures to become whited out. I would expect to see the White iPhone appear in the US shortly. So who held out for the white version? [Engadget]

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  • lemon

    Really? Is this that cool White iPhone?
    iF sure, I would get the white iP4. If the upgrade on the iP5 is mostly design, 8MP camera, and A5 processor, I can wait. I’d much rather have an LTE one, but that won’t probably be in the 6h gen. I can’t wait any longer…I am done with my crappy phone. Plus I still like the design of the 4.

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