Easter Brings Deals for iOS, Android, and Consoles

Easter came late this year, for reasons involving the moon and seasonal equinox. That hasn’t stopped developers from using the holiday as a marketing excuse, though, so I’ve compiled a list of all the Easter deals I could find, for iOS, Andriod, PC, and Console games.


1.) First, the one everyone’s been talking about. $0.99 smartphone games! EA Mobile is offering a large sale on it’s iOS and Android mobile games. And while there are many filler games, there are some big name titles, such as Rock Band and Dead Space.



2.) Free chocolate game with purchase. UbiSoft is offering a buy one get one free deal. The “free” part is only a digital copy of the game, and there are only six to choose from, but it’s still worth looking at if you were already considering buying something from Ubisoft.



3.) is offering a buy one get one 50% off sale, (banner links to full list), which doesn’t really seem terribly inspiring. But that’s on top of individual game discounts. Some notable ones are:

Toy Story 3 The Video Game 10% off
Bejeweled Twist 10% off
Sid Meier’s Civilization V 20% off
Disney Epic Mickey 26% off
Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition 39% off



4.) Finally, we have Sega. One time console maker, current game maker, they are doing a smaller scale sale, but what is one sale, is discounted Very well. 4 games, ranging from 40% to 66%.

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