Confirmed: No plans for new Star Trek Experience

Star Trek Experience

Star Trek fans around the world were hurt on the day the Star Trek Experience in Vegas closed. Light was at the end of the tunnel when news that it may re-emerge at Neonopolis in Las Vegas just to be squashed with the news I bring you today.

Ever since the Star Trek Experience closed at the Las Vegas Hilton after 11 long years there has been a empty spot in the Star Trek world. I had visited the Star Trek Experience while it was at the Hilton and it was by far the most fun I have ever had in Vegas.

Most of the props and sets have since been auctioned off that were either at the Experience or stored from the TV shows and movies. What was left is still in storage somewhere in Las Vegas. There have been many news stories and rumors that indicate that it might be under development at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.


I have contacted CBS who owns the rights to create a new Star Trek Experience and the news has been nothing but depressing. My conversation went something as follows:

Me: I am writing on behalf of We are going to write an article about the Star Trek Experience and have heard rumors that CBS is still in talks to develop the new Experience in Neonopolis in Las Vegas. I would like to know if these plans are still in the works or if they have been cancelled or changed in any way. Please let me know if you can help me or direct me to a person who can.

Vice President of Communications CBS: The Neonopolis project is not going forward (this is old news from last year). CBS Consumer Products is committed to creating a new Star Trek attraction for fans to enjoy and we continue to pursue opportunities in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Me: So as of right now there are no plans for the Star Trek Experience in Vegas?

Vice President of Communications CBS: No. There are not.

So, For all the Star Trek fans out there whom have been waiting for it to come to the Neonopolis in Vegas it isn’t happening. CBS reports that they are going to try and make something one of these days but is not sure when. So for now all we can do is wait

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