White iPhone 4 may appear at Verizon before AT&T

The White iPhone may actually come this spring as Apple promised. Pictures have surfaced on the web that may indicate that Verizon will be selling the White iPhone 4 in the near future. AT&T users have been waiting for the arrival of the White iPhone 4 since the launch of the black version. It would be very strange for Verizon to receive the White iPhone first. My belief is that both of them will get it at the same time it would be foolish otherwise.

The model number indicated MC679 is the number for the White version of the iPhone 4. Earlier this week, news had surfaced that the White iPhone 4 had actually began production and would possibly be available by the end of Spring this year. If these shots prove to be accurate they indicate that there will be both a 16 and 32 GB version.

9to5Mac thinks that the White iPhone may still launch by the end of April which I think is a little too optimistic. If the phone does come this year it may not be here till closer to June, although all of this is speculation at this point anyways. If you held out for the White iPhone, your dreams may be answered soon.

Latest rumors indicate a April 26th release.

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