White iPhone 4 begins production

According to various sources around the web, the White iPhone 4 has finally went into production. After being delayed for almost 10 months and a promised release date of Spring 2011 we may actually see it. The White version of the iPhone is being produced by Hon Hai Precision under Foxconn Technology Group in Taiwan. The company has not and probably will not respond to comment on the matter.

White iPhone 4

The release was even confirmed by the Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Apple last month.

Apple Senior Vice-President of Marketing Phil Schiller first said in a Twitter post in March that the white iPhone would be available for sale by Spring, which ends in May in the northern hemisphere.

If released, the White iPhone would most likely be available on both AT&T and Verizon at launch. The demand for a white iPhone is still quite large and some people had previously resorted to modding their black iPhone to become white. Even though the launch may be very late, expect Apple to still sell millions of the white version of the phone. A spring launch of the White iPhone does seem out of reach especially if the phone has just gone into production, I would expect a release later in the year. [Reuters]

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