Windows 8 has leaked, compatible with ARM processors [Proof: Video]

Just after Internet Explorer 10 was previewed at Microsoft’s MIX event on a computer running Windows 8 it can now be found on the web. The version of Windows 8 that leaked is in very very early beta and even still sports the Windows 7 logo. The only tell tale sign that it’s a newer version is by the build number which clearly states “Win8.” More specifically “Build 7850.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508” as seen in the below shot.

While Microsoft was previewing IE 10 they also revealed that the new Windows 8 OS was running on an 1 GHz ARM processor with only 1GB of RAM which can be seen in the picture above  (sorry for the blurry photo). The OS seemed to run very smoothly with such a low processor speed so one could speculate that Windows 8 will be very compatible with tablets.

The prospect of running a 1 GHz ARM processor on a desktop machine doesn’t seem that appealing when you think about it, performance would suffer although power consumption would also be low. So the ARM processor could be very handy in making more efficient laptops and tablets in the future when the OS is released.

Microsoft hasn’t had much success in the tablet market in the past and it seems they are very serious about improving their track record in that respect. Microsoft unveiled many different Windows tablets at CES but has yet to release on of their own which indicates they may concentrate on optimizing the Windows experience at let manufacturers deal with the hardware release. It’s quite funny that the OS says “Lets not leak” when apparently someone already has. Check out the video below of a very beta version of the new OS.

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