Netflix is down yet again (Update: Back!)

Looks like the Netflix servers have bit the dust again today. If you try to log into the Netflix website you are only greeted with a blank page, it is unclear right now what other services are also interrupted. The same problem happened back on 3/22 when the servers were down for an extended period of time. Hopefully these outages don’t continue and Netflix finds a solution.

If anyone has anymore information on what other services are affected please let us know in the comments below. 4-13-11

Update: Heard reports that Wii streaming is working fine, it may only be the website affected at this point.

The service seems to be restored as of 5:00 PM EST we will keep an eye on it. Service was down for approximately an hour, or thats as long as we were aware.

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  • Austin Geary

    Thanks for the info! Been surfing around trying to figure out if that was the case.

  • Matt Corey

    Dangit!! This is so frustrating!! We pay our hard earned money to this site. I want them to provide reliable service!

  • Jack Dawkins

    Site is down, but streaming to my Wii is running smoothly.

  • Sanity

    I contacted Netflix for comment, but they have yet to respond.

  • Austin Geary

    Netflix just came back FYI

  • Mish Madison

    Geez! Photobucket has been down for the last 48 hours. Now, Netflix?!! Maybe the infrastructure is finally collapsing under all the bandwidth!

  • Mish Madison

    Geez! Photobucket’s been down for the last 48 hours – Now, Netflix?!! Maybe the infrastructure is finally collapsing under all the bandwidth!

  • Sanity

    Thank you for the update Austin.

  • Anonymous

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  • rebecca stahle

    down  july 20 2011

  • Anonymous

    Down 08/08/2011  I for one am getting sick of this. If they continue to have issues weekly i will be switching to there many competitors. Just to name a couple Zune or Hulu. In fact Hulu offers a free service at all times and i have never seen there site have any down times.

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