Can’t afford Adobe products? Then rent them

Adobe has released a rental program for their entire software suite which is supposed to be much more affordable. This new plan could be useful if you aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks to actually own the software you can pay a lower monthly fee to use it, say for that college class you are taking. The programs that you rent will  be installed on your own computer with all features enabled just as if you bought the full version.

Plan options

One-year plan
The one-year plan offers lower monthly payments and requires a one-year commitment. This is the ideal plan for someone with an ongoing need to use Creative Suite software.


Month-to-month plan

The month-to-month plan provides the flexibility of a short-term commitment that allows you to stop and restart your subscription as your business needs change.

The prices range from $29 a month all the way up to $195 for month to month plans.Freelancers and Small business professionals can benefit from the rental program if they only need it for a short term or a project. Cnet has drawn up a comparison of pricing plans for each version of software for example, Adobe sells Photoshop CS5 Extended for $349 upgrade and $999 for the initial purchase while a rental costs $75 a month or $49/month if rented for a full year. But if you do not need it for that entire year, you can actually save some good money. If you still rent Photoshop Extended for an entire year it will come to $588 which is cheaper than purchasing the full suite but after spending that much money, you will wish you bought it. If rented for a couple months it would only cost you $98 if not needed again for another project, so there is potential for some cost savings in the short term. However, in the long term purchasing a full license will still be the best deal.

There currently is no option to own the software that you rent which could be a major disadvantage to the program. A nice feature would be to get on a payment plan which then could build towards the full price of the software and allow the buyer to then purchase it. If this new venture by Adobe takes, it is possible that software rentals could be available from many more companies. [Adobe]

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