Minecraft Star Trek Enterprise D update 2

Our good friend Halkun has posted yet another update on the Minecraft Enterprise D project. I have to say, in this latest update the Enterprise looks more complete that it ever has before. 24/42 decks in total have now been completed on the immensely large ship and is well on it’s way to completion.

The left warp naccele is now mostly complete and looks very much like the one found in the TV shows except for the fact that it’s made in Minecraft. They even built the giant bussard collectors that were shown a few times in the TNG series. The bussard collectors can bee seen in action in the picture below.

All of the shuttle bays are now completed and able to be explored. There is a giant docking ring that is connected as if it were in space port which allows someone whom has fallen off the ship while exploring to get back onto it easily. Remember the captains Yacht? Jean Luc didn’t use it much but it’s now installed where it belongs on the bottom of the saucer section of the ship. Take a look at the entire video below for more details and drooling images of the ship. The ship is so big that even the creator gets lost. If you want to participate in building or just view it see the video link for more details.


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