iSteve: The Book of Jobs due 2012

According to various sources, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been participating in a biography which will be published sometime next year 2012. Biographer Walter Isaacson is writing the book and has reportedly met with family, co-workers, and friends of Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson will call his book “iSteve, The Book of Jobs,” the book has been in development since 2009.

This is the first biography that has ever been printed with actual participation of Steve Jobs in writing it. Other biography’s have been written about him before but none with his consent. This book could be the first to reveal what has actually been going on with Jobs and his past and current medial leaves from the company.

The book should be a great read for most people, to learn what makes Steve Jobs tick, will be priceless. Even if you arent a fan of reading books I am sure you will want to pick up this one. [cnet]

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