Apple may shift from aluminum to composite materials

More changes may be coming to Apple products as they have just hired CEO Kevin Kenney of Kestrel Bicycles whom has spent the last 14 year building carbon fiber bicycles. Apple has now hired him in as a “Senior Composites Engineer” at the Apple campus after they had consulted with him for the past 2 years. New carbon fiber designs are not completely crazy, carbon fiber has been used to make many computer cases for some time now.


It also looks like Apple filed a patent for carbon fiber to be made a part of their electronic devices like iPod’s, iPad’s, and Macs. Apple may believe that carbon fiber cases will last longer and be more durable in the long run and could even prove to be cheaper than it’s counterparts.

Many electronic devices, including portable devices, have housings made of plastic. Plastic enclosures tend to be relative inexpensive and simple to manufacture but may be brittle and crack under relatively low stress. Other electronic devices have metal housings. Metal casings are durable but may be heavier and/or more expensive to manufacture than an equivalently-sized plastic casing.

Since Apple may be looking for more durability and keep the price relatively low it can be safe to assume that this new innovation may be used for their portable devices rather than their desktop line at first. There have been many issues over the years in which iPhone’s and iPod’s were easily broken when dropped only a few feet, this new material could solve those problems. [9to5mac]

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