Verizon may sell a 16 GB Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

It looks like rumors are spreading that Verizon may sell a 16 GB version of the popular Motorola Xoom tablet. Currently Verizon sells a 32 GB Version for $799 without a contract, $200 less with one. This rumor is believable because the 32 GB version was so popular that a 16 GB version will inevitably be even more popular.

The 16 GB version will sell for a lower price between $100-$200 less can be expected at launch. It will be the cheapest and still only 4G tablet that Verizon or any carrier has to offer at this time. But will this beat out the iPad’s sales? Verizon’s sales are reportedly at 100,000 monthly while the iPad 2 may be selling approximately 6 million units per month. [tuaw]

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