Rumor: Best Buy blacklisted by Apple

Looks like Best Buy could be in a little bit of trouble with Apple. It seems that Best Buy had been hoarding their supply of iPad 2’s and telling customers that they had not more when in fact they did. Best Buy had a sales quota set each day for it’s supply of iPad 2’s which it met and then would stop selling the product for the rest of the day.

Well, Apple found out and didn’t like that one bit. So the current rumor is that Best Buy may now be banned from actually selling the iPad 2 from this date forward however this story is not 100% confirmed.

But what was Best Buy thinking? Why would you mess with Apple and risk losing your license to sell all Apple products within your stores worldwide? The story was only confirmed by the Apple rep and he even said that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is involved in this matter and is working to resolve it. For now its a rumor, but very believable. [CG]

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