Study: AT&T iPhone users have 2x more dropped calls than Verizon

This isn’t really surprising to see, ChangeWave has just released data that shows AT&T iPhone users may experience 2x more dropped calls than Verizon subscribers. The survey contained data from 4,068 different subscribers from both companies. The survey was conducted “several” weeks after the release of the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

Although the survey was completed weeks after release on Verizon, that may have not been enough time for large amounts of subscribers to join the network. For example iPhone subscribers on AT&T versus subscribers on Verizon will still be vastly different and location of dropped calls will play a large part.

The data shows a 1.8% dropped call rate on Verizon over 90 days and a 4.8% dropped call rate on AT&T over the same period. Now even though there are more dropped calls on AT&T than Verizon, customer satisfaction between the two companies remains almost identical.

The survey also went as far as comparing all 4 cell carriers dropped calls across all phones on their networks. Verizon still maintains the lowest percentage of dropped calls overall with T-Mobile coming in second. With the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, in the next year dropped calls over the At&T network could drop drastically.

Although AT&T still has the highest dropped calls statistically, there are signs that AT&T may be improving. There was a small spike during the iPhone 4 release last year but AT&T had improved after that however they still have not dropped down to the levels that Verizon currently has. Not given by the survey was where this data was taken from like which cities and locations which could skew the data. However users still prefer Verizon as a carrier over AT&T for their new iPhone 4 but we will have to revisit this data in a year and see if it has changed any.

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