ThinkGeek April Fools Jokes

ThinkGeek has kicked off April Fools this year with many new phony products. Here is the full list, enjoy!

The first being the Playmobil Apple Store Play Set which allows you to build your own Apple Store complete with iPhones and iPads! More features below:

  • Introduces children to the magic of Apple
  • Includes store, figures, and 60+ accessories
  • Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater

The second product is Angry Birds Pork Rinds. Now you can actually get a piece of those pigs that have been tormenting you all day. These Pork Rinds are the ultimate in high protein snacking.

  • Delicious crispy pork rinds made from dead pigs
  • A low carb, high protein, high fat snack that tastes like winning
  • Officially licensed Angry Birds food product

The third in their line of products come from a galaxy far far away. This product is Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles which are guaranteed to satisfy any jedi.

  • Freeze any drink into an awesome Lightsaber Popsicle
  • Each hilt has an LED in it, to light up the “blade”
  • Includes:
    • 4 Saber hilts (2 Luke and 2 Vader)
    • Saber popsicle mold tray
    • Instructions
    • Recipe guide
  • Hand wash only (not dishwasher or microwave safe)
  • Batteries: 3 button cell per hilt (included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Hilt: 5″ long x 1″ diameter
    • “Blade:” approx 6.5″ long

The next product will help you out with that next snack in front of the TV. It’s called the The Original Shirt Plate, this product is designed for the ultimate couch potato.

  • High-quality, black t-shirt with integrated system for attaching the Original Shirt Plate
  • In lounge position, the plate sits directly below your mouth
  • Ingenious system holds plate steady but detaches easily for cleaning
  • Great for dry snacks like pretzels or M&Ms and wet foods like pudding
  • No longer do you have to slather pudding on your bare chest
  • Shirt Plate system contains:
    • 5 Original Shirt Plates, all dishwasher safe
    • Black t-shirt, available in sizes from Kids S to Adults 6X
    • Leveling attachments, optional for ladies (or men!) with ample bosoms
  • Coming in June 2011: Tux Style Shirt Plate for cocktail parties ($14.99)
  • Coming in August 2011: Game Day Shirt Plate with love handle dip bowl belt clip ($24.99)
  • Coming in October 2011: Fine China Shirt Plate for Thanksgiving ($29.99)

The last product is for all of the Minecraft fans out there. It’s called the Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal. With this portal you can send anything you don’t want anymore through it and not worry anymore.

  • 8″ x 10″ Desktop Minecraft Nether Portal
  • Serene, yet eerie purple glow
  • Hums calmly till something passes through the plane
  • Corners are removable if you’re the efficient type
  • Doubles as a photo frame for people you’d like to put in the Nether
  • ** Requires 10w, high-power USB port to transfer matter
  • Official, licensed Minecraft collectible


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