Breaking: iPhone 5 and Droid Bionic to launch June 9th

News had just leaked out of Verizon that indicates that the iPhone 5 will launch right beside the Droid Bionic. Both of these devices are slated to launch on June 9th. June 9th also falls on a day during WWDC which runs through 6-10th of June. The logo for WWDC this year indicated that there may not be an actual iPhone 5 launched but it is possible that the message was misinterpreted.

The photo of the Verizon document does confirm that the iPhone 5 will have a 1 GHz Dual Core Processor, 4″ Retina display both of which were predicted to occur in the next iPhone. Now the document may or may not be real but we are inclined to believe it until Verizon either denies or confirms it. Verizon even went as far as stating that it will not support 4G LTE but it will support it though some kind of dongle, I am sure more information will be given closer to launch. Someone might lose their job over this leak if it’s true unless its a elaborate PR trick.

Read the print carefully, April Fools?

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