iPhone 5 may be LTE enabled

iPhone 5 LTE

Rumors have started floating around that the next version of the iPhone will have LTE antennas. The iPhone 5 which has also been rumored to be pushed back to late this year has been subject to much speculation to what Apple will do next.

According to the Japanese blog Macotakara, the iPhone 5 hasn’t even entered the manufacturing stages yet which also contradicts our earlier news release that said it had.

The next iPhone could actually support 4G LTE and it makes a lot of sense too. More and more 4G phones are entering the market today and Apple may want to get in on that market. Their hardware can definitely take the increased speeds and processing required for higher speeds that LTE has to offer.

However, Apple has been slow to adopt new technologies in the past, they like to wait till they are more widespread or proven. We will not know anything of course until Apple releases the official specifications for the phone but until then, rumors will fly. [via: ubergizmo]

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