Microsoft buys 666,624 IP addresses

Internet Globe

As you may know, we are running out of IPv4 addresses on the internet and everyone must move to IPv6 in the near future. ICANN recently announced the depletion of IPv4 addresses which was long coming. Microsoft looks to slow their transition to IPv6 by purchasing 666,624 IPv4 addresses for $11.25 each or $7.5 million total. Microsoft purchased these addresses from Nortel whom was in bankruptcy court.

Apparently Nortel contacted 80 companies a year ago about the sale but Microsoft’s bid was the highest. No information was given to who Microsoft was bidding against but obviously there pockets weren’t deep enough. The value of IPv4 addresses will increase for a short while or until most users shift over to IPv6. We will undoubtedly see IPv4 addresses being sold on the black market until then. [TheRegister]

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