iPhone 4 survives 1,000 foot fall from plane

iPhone Plane

U.S. Air Force Combat controller Ron Walker had lost his iPhone 4 from his aircraft during flight. He works as a Jump Master which is where he would ensure the airplane was in the correct position when he sends parachute jumpers out. The plane was moving at 150 mph and while looking out the door of the plane to find necessary ground landmarks his pocket opened and his iPhone flew out. When he noticed his phone fell he though all was lost.

Upon landing and sharing the story with friends he installed the Find My iPhone app on one of their phones and went looking for his phone. He expected it to be battered from the fall but found the phone to be 100% un-damaged from the fall. The phone was protected by a Griffin Motif TPU iPhone case but it isn’t clear whether the case protected the phone from the fall or the fact that it was cushioned by the brush that it hit. This post will inevitably give Grifiin a ton of PR anyways.

So we know now that the iPhone 4 can survive a 1000ft fall as long as it doesn’t hit concrete or some other hard object. It’s funny how easy it is to break the iPhone if dropped a short distance I guess it needs more time to prepare. I wonder if Apple will talk about this at one of their next iPhone announcements maybe use it as a selling point. [iLounge]

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